Forensic Psychologist Who Had Phone Conversations With Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen

A forensic psychologist who worked with serial killer Dennis Nilsen claimed that he was a necrophiliac because of deviant sexual behaviour in childhood.

Dennis Nilson, known as the Muswell Hill Murderer, died at the age of 74 at HMP Full Sutton in 2018, 43 years into his life sentence for carrying out a bloodthirsty spree in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

He was one of the nation’s most notorious murderers and Dennis Nilsen is thought to have killed in Cricklewood and Muswell Hill, north London.

Kerry Daynes, from Brighton, who came into contact with the killer in 2008 after he’d spotted her on a crime documentary and got in contact, disregarded the murderer’s earlier claims that he killed because he was lonely, suggesting instead that he was attracted to dead bodies.

She explained that after an odd sexual development as a child, he wanted to create passive partners who he could wash, pose and talk to and who wouldn’t ask questions and she said that to understand Dennis Nilsen you really have to look at a sequence of events during his childhood and his extremely deviant sexual behaviour.

And she said that she didn’t believe he killed because he was lonely and that he only killed because he was necrophilic and he was attracted to dead bodies and she continued that also being around them and being around death made him feel powerful and created passive partners he could pose, wash and talk to. Just like his dog, who never asked questions and made him feel like he was in control.

Dennis Nilsen called Kerry so that he could give his version of events after seeing her on TV and remained in touch until 2012, but he told her that the act of killing was not essential to him and that his killing spree was a consequence of events in his childhood.

She said that he told her the killing wasn’t important to him and that in fact, he found it extremely difficult and that what was important to him was the ultimate product, these men were dead.

He said that when he was at school, he was bullied because he was feminine and people didn’t accept he was gay, which he felt he couldn’t conceal, and he remembered a happening in his childhood, where he had seen one of the boys who’d bullied him being pulled out of the sea and he felt supreme and mighty after seeing his peer so helpless.

He found it extremely sexually stimulating but also realised that boy would never bully him again and that that boy really had no control, which made him feel supreme, powerful and confident.

It was from that point that he would fantasise about dead bodies who had been drowned or dragged from the sea.

He was referred to as the ‘kindly killer’, but there was nothing kind about the way he killed men, but then he would put them in the bath and wash them like he was trying to recreate the scenario of drowning.

Kerry Daynes was joined on a show by Steve McCusker, who was the Detective Inspector on the Nilsen investigation and agreed that his murders were pre-meditated, and the result of a killer who was pure evil.

When asked why the killer was able to go unnoticed for so long, he said it was probably because the people he approached were young vulnerable men and that a lot of the people they investigated and identified had left home under tragic circumstances and they were people normally, if they disappeared off the face of the earth, nobody would ask any questions.

It really does just make you wonder what really goes on in their minds, where they seem to have no regard for human life.

Dennis Nilsen has to be the most macabre yet intriguing of them all. After all, how could anyone have the stomach to sit with decaying corpses all around them? And to also act like everything is normal and it intrigues me how evil the human mind can be.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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