Prince Charles Warns That As Many As One Million Youngsters Could Need Urgent Help

The Prince of Wales has warned that as many as one million young people could need urgent assistance due to coronavirus and he said our youth was facing a uniquely difficult time amid the uncertainty of the COVID 19 pandemic.

In a rare intervention, Prince Charles said the destructive despair of unemployment is facing Britain’s youngsters once again and he said that the young are in particular need of measures to protect them from the most destructive effects of the crisis, adding that the country must not let positiveness drown under a surge of economic predictions.

He added that while it’s all too easy to assume that nothing can be done, the task ahead was undoubtedly vast, but it was not impossible and he said there has never been a time as uniquely challenging as the present, when the pandemic has left possibly another million young people needing urgent assistance.

Contemplating on how he established the Prince’s Trust charity in 1976, with the severance pay he got from the Royal Navy, Charles added that he was old enough to recall other times when hope was scarce and despondency seemed the only thing in great supply.

He said that in the mid-Seventies, when he left the Royal Navy, youth unemployment was one of the pressing problems of the time and it seemed that they should do something to try to make a difference, however small.

The Prince’s Trust has helped its millionth young person, with research from the Trust revealing that 55 per cent of 16 to 25-year-olds are more anxious about being unemployed than they were a year ago.

The Prince’s Trust set up the Young People Relief Fund in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic to deliver additional aid to those pummeled by the economic fallout.

However, if he actually cared, he has a bunch of castles, palaces and mansions – he could sell these off to help the economic fallout, rather than being more worried about the elephants and peasants carbon footprint.

Thousands of students are paying considerable sums of money to attend universities and this year, graduates are now discovering that nobody is waiting to welcome them into the workplace and that their futures are extremely bleak indeed.

Sadly the world has transformed and the local technical college might be a better option for future employment than university and Charles and his family are all JobCentre proof and they will never have to claim Universal Credit or lose their property or be a slave to the corporate owners.

And it’s clear the way of working we once knew is over because automation and now COVID 19 has accelerated its demise and it’s time we began implementing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) and taxing the multi-billionaires more heavily. I wonder how much Charles will donate?

The Royal Family should simply stick to smiling and shaking hands with the public because they actually contribute nothing to anyone and they live in the life of luxury and haven’t got a clue what it’s like to struggle and of course, the Windsor’s are an authority on unemployment.

Thousands of promising young people will be studying hard at university, hundreds more just graduated, wondering if their years of study have been an expensive waste of time as there are no jobs waiting for them and this true cost of this virus will be the future of young people all over the world.

And believe me, Charles is never going to be as worried as the young people themselves, yet he’s in a position financially to make a difference to these people, instead of giving a worried speech and informing everyone of something that we’re all well aware of.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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