Meghan Markle Shows Signs Of Anger

The Duchess of Sussex displayed slight indications of anger during her Most Powerful Women Summit interview, body language expert Judi James said.

Judi James said that Meghan was splayed out on her sofa with her shirt sleeves rolled up to suggest she wanted to get down to business.

Judi said that Meghan was splaying and pit baring, and looking confident, as well as being gently assertive, as did the preen gesture of her hair. While her slightly lower jaw jut and a few sharp accelerated blinks indicated some of that anger, although her tone overall signalled bewilderment from a woman who tells us she’s not been controversial in what she’s said in the past.

Judi James said that Meghan highlighted her emotional side as she looked away dramatically to consider her thoughts as she spoke. It was the shaking of her head that suggested she was feeling bewildered.

During Meghan’s conversation with Ms McGirt, she talked about how the statements she makes are sometimes misunderstood and Meghan said that if you glanced back at anything she’s said, what ends up being inflammatory seems to be the people’s understanding of that.

And she continued to say that if you listen to what she really says, it’s not controversial.

She also asserted bad views about her are usually impacted by things that just haven’t happened, as she criticised clickbait and misinformation and asserted there are always going to be sceptics.

The Duchess then highlighted the importance of being genuine and living with purpose and she said that if you look back at anything she’s said, it’s actually interesting because it usually ends up that what seems to end up being inflammatory is people’s interpretation of it.

And she said that in some way you have to have a sense of humour, even though there’s quite a good deal of gravity and sense of danger in an interpretation of something that was never there, to begin with.

Meghan said that if you don’t listen to all the bluster out there but simply concentrate on living a purpose-driven life, you should know what your own moral compass is – Meghan also spoke out about the importance of creating safe spaces online against hate speech.

She also mentioned one of the issues she and Prince Harry had in mind for their charitable organisation, Archewell.

The Duchess added, part of their focus with the Archewell Foundation was to simply ensure that they were helping foster healthy positive communities, online and off, for their collective wellbeing.

It seems that Meghan is not liked very much and there will always be people who will find reasons to malign her, no matter what she does and jealousy is a terrible thing.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions and that’s good, have an opinion, but don’t criticise her because it just feels good – that’s called bullying.

But this is how the press makes their money, and generally, they milk off the vulnerable but now they’re milking off the nobility with information that’s of no importance.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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