Trump Ridiculed For Signing Blank Paper

The Trump administration’s credibility crisis persists as the president is ridiculed for seemingly signing a blank piece of paper with a marker in photographs taken at the Walter Reed Military Hospital, in a futile attempt to show him working while fighting coronavirus.

On Saturday night, the White House released photographs of Donald Trump appearing hard at work while in hospital, where he remained for a second night after a very concerning period.

His daughter, Ivanka Trump, shared one of the images on her Twitter, with the caption: “Nothing can stop him from working for the American people. RELENTLESS!”

However, Donald Trump’s endeavours to emerge undefeated by COVID 19 were quickly picked apart by eagle eye commentators, who took to social media to indict him of orchestrating the pictures.

Jon Ostrower, editor in chief of aviation publication ‘The Air Current’, took a closer look at the data entrenched in the pictures shared by the White House, and discovered they were taken just 10 minutes apart, but showed the President working in two separate places.

He said the pictures released by the White House of the President working at the Walter Reed were taken ten minutes apart at 5.25 pm and 5.35 pm on Saturday, according to the exchangeable image file (EXIF) data embedded in both AP wire postings that were shared by the White House.

White House correspondent Andrew Feinberg also studied the pictures and upon zooming into one of them, discovered that Donald Trump seemed to be signing his name to a blank sheet of paper.

Numerous people reacted to the pictures with ridicule, with the word ‘staged’ trending on Twitter on Sunday morning, with one person saying he was a reality TV star and that as far as they were concerned, he just had to shoot a couple of promos for the ‘look presidential’ bit he performs.

Another said of him purportedly signing a blank sheet, “That’s the only kind of ‘work’ he knows how to do. And in his mind, as long as he makes it look like he’s working and his base believes it, that’s every bit as good, if not better, than actually doing something.

“We’re living through the reality TV presidency.”

Some people were disturbed about Donald Trump’s lack of any kind of personal protective equipment (PPE) as he was photoed in different places in the hospital while contaminated with a highly infectious virus.

It’s not a huge surprise that these pictures look orchestrated, and it’s amusing that if you zoom in he’s just signing a blank sheet of paper, but it’s genuinely despicable that he still won’t wear a mask.

So, he persists with his illusion, and never a truth comes from his mouth or consideration for his citizens who he’s supposed to guard and protect, and it seems that his family are also horrendous conspirators.

He’s the master of half-truths, misdirection, dishonest statements and outright fibs. He also constantly offends people and gives them silly monikers.

And he doesn’t look especially poorly, perhaps he’s washed off his phoney tan, and why is he even in the hospital posing at a desk? While everyone else has to remain at home with coronavirus extremely ill until needing ventilation.

Is it because he’s just looking for sympathy? Or is it because he doesn’t want to attend any more presidential debates with Joe Biden? It would be an ideal excuse.

Why didn’t he just stay at the White House? He has a full medical wing with the best equipment and presumably, the best doctors on standby and signing a blank piece of paper just show how much of an oddball he actually is and of what use he’s been to the American people.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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