‘Let’s go, Joe!’ Donald Trump Challenges Joe Biden To In-Person Debate

President Donald Trump has challenged Joe Biden to an in-person debate, after the independent commission that organises the debates moved next weeks event online out of health concerns.

Donald Trump has declined to partake in the October 15 debate if it’s conducted virtually, but on Thursday night he told Fox News host Sean Hannity that the two campaigns should organise their own in-person contest.

Donald Trump said when questioned if he would issue such a challenge that he would do it right now through the show.

He added, referring to the conservative commentators. Let’s go, Joe. Let’s get a fair anchor, somebody like the great Sean Hannity. We’ll get Rush (Limbaugh). We’ll get Mark (Levin).

He said that they’ll get Judge Jeanine (Piro). That they have a lot of them out there.

He continued that they would get Jesse (Watters) or Pete (Hegseth).

Donald Trump said, going on to grumble at length about audio issues during one of the 2016 presidential debates and that the debate commission was a joke.

Donald Trump whined that they were oscillating his mic, that they were turning it up and down while he was talking to Hillary.

He also grumbled that the moderator for next weeks debate was a ‘Never Trumper’ who ‘even worked for Joe Biden at some point’.

C-SPAN anchor Steve Scully, who’s scheduled to moderate the second presidential debate, interned for Joe Biden, then a US senator, when he was a student in the 1970s.

Donald Trump flatly repudiated the idea of partaking in a virtual debate and he said that he was not interested in a doing a – I’m not Joe Biden and that he wasn’t doing a virtual debate to sit behind a computer screen.

Donald Trump claimed about Joe Biden that he does news conferences where they give him the answer and give him the question.

Donald Trump continued that he was choking like a dog the other night, but that Chris Wallace bailed him in and Donald Trump added that it was a disgrace what’s going on.

It came shortly after White House Physician Dr Sean Conley released Donald Trump’s vital signs for the first time since he became infected, showing a pulse, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels all within normal ranges.

Undoubtedly, Donald Trump is not being responsible or lucid, but then he feels on top of the world right now because he’s had medications that aren’t presently available to anyone else, but is he making sure all his infected staff are getting the same access? And Joe Biden should undoubtedly stay away from this crazy and if Donald Trump wants a debate, then he needs to agree to the virtual debate.

They should hold it on the White House lawn, then maybe we can watch one of the aggressive out of control raccoons shuffle around his head and he really does not to shut up for once because, in the end, he will probably agree to a virtual debate because he needs it more than Joe Biden.

And Donald Trump is such a toddler and everything has to be his way. How exhausting that must be for the people that work around him – the White House must be covered in eggshells and right now, it would be better for everyone to remain clear of Donald Trump, he’s like a bomb called COVID 19, trying to blow up everyone that comes into contact with him.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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