Meghan Markle Disclosed To Her PR Team That She Wanted To Be The Most Famous Person On The Planet

A biographer said that Meghan Markle told her advisors that she wanted to be the most famous person on the planet before she and Harry quit the Royal Family.

Lady Colin Campbell, author of Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, said that in the year before the dramatic split the American actress had, with her husband’s support, been pursuing commercial and political activities traditionally out of bounds to the royals.

According to the author, this included the Duchess of Sussex conveying to her PR team that her dream was to be the best-known celebrity in the world, a mission that could only be realised by being controversial.

Talking on Graham Norton’s BBC podcast, Lady Colin Campbell stated that she began writing the book because she knew privately that Meghan, with Harry’s connivance, was getting up to all sorts of things in America that she was prohibited from doing as a royal.

And that she was getting involved with commercial enterprises, flying kites in terms of politics, because she’s extremely political, and also instructing her PR people that they were to make her into the most famous person on earth.

Lady Colin Campbell said to be the most famous person on earth, it’s an extremely calculated policy and it has to involve an enormous amount of controversy, otherwise, you’re not that famous.

Lady Colin Campbell added that when they learned that she was writing about them, the couple endeavoured to intervene, and she said that they did attempt to influence the story through mutual friends.

It comes after the Jamaican born writer previously claimed Meghan Markle’s relationship with the Royal Family started to exhibit warning signs only four days after she married Prince Harry.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex tied the knot in a ceremony at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, on May 19 2018.

However, the royal author, claimed that Meghan became the sizzling topic of discussion at a dinner held at her house at Castle Goring, Worthing in Sussex, just days after the wedding.

And speaking to a news outlet, the author claimed Meghan did something that stunned an attendee with impeccable palace connections at Prince Charles 70th birthday.

Something happened there on Tuesday, and she was told about it on Wednesday evening at dinner by a household name with impeccable palace connections and she might have accomplished this but the outcome has been the opposite of what she was hoping for.

Instead, she’s revealed her vicious self for all to see what a controlling, narcissistic she is and it seems that she married Harry believing that she would become the most famous person ever, and that’s why she loves all the media attention the world has to give, although she was relatively well-known before she married him. Still, a bit part in ‘Suits’ is scarcely stardom and no one knew who the hell she was before she commandeered Harry.

Some people hadn’t even heard of her until she got with Harry, but then we shouldn’t believe everything we read because there’s always an element of prejudice, particularly where some dominance has failed to rationalise reality.

Most people had never heard of her and now, most people wish they’d never heard of her and the royals are never that important, besides Diana, the rest are just there, nothing more.

And Meghan certainly does appear to need a therapist, and she does need to comprehend that the world has more major problems than having to listen to her bleating on.

Harry is a good-hearted person and for her, he was an easy target and this just shows her true colours and as an expert at manipulation and her intentions to create controversy in her actions and speeches, for the sole gain of being famous.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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