Dutch Cancer Patient In Her Eighties Becomes The First Person To Die After Being Re-Infected With Coronavirus

An 89-year-old Dutch woman is believed to have become the first person in the world to die after getting re-infected with the coronavirus.

The unnamed woman, who was having cancer treatment at the time, was found to be infected with genetically different strains of the virus in two separate episodes, which occurred two months apart.

Whether people can become reinfected with COVID 19 remains a mystery and case reports have been murky on details critical to judging what really happened.

In this case, the woman never tested negative for coronavirus between her first and second times in the hospital.

A negative test would have taken doctors nearer to establishing that she recovered the first time and that the second admission was merely a resurgence of the virus, with which she was still infected.

After testing positive for COVID 19 the first time she went to the hospital with a fever and a nasty cough, then her symptoms disappeared and she went home after five days.

She then returned to the hospital with the same symptoms 59 days later, just two days after starting a new chemotherapy treatment for her lymphoma – she tested positive for COVID 19 again and died three weeks later.

The doctors who wrote about her report said the coronavirus samples from the two tests were genetically different and asserted that the second episode might have been a re-infection rather than prolonged shedding.

The news came as doctors in the US confirmed their first case of someone getting re-infected with coronavirus, noting the illness of a 25-year-old man in Nevada.

The report, published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, was produced by scientists and doctors from different institutions in the Netherlands, led by Dr Marjolijn Wegdam-Blans at PAMM Laboratories in Veldhoven.

Veldhoven is a town on the outskirts of Eindhoven, a city close to the southern border with Belgium.

The 89-year-old patient, the doctors stated in their report titled ‘Reinfection of SARS-CoV-2 in an immunocompromised patient’, first went to an emergency department at an unidentified hospital when she had a fever and an agonising cough.

A swab test for COVID 19 was positive and she remained in the hospital for five days, by which time her symptoms had cleared up except for some persisting fatigue.

She lived normally for the ensuing eight weeks but then, two days after starting chemotherapy, she became unwell again with the same symptoms.

The woman was receiving treatment for a type of blood cancer called Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia.

This lady was 89 years old and receiving cancer treatment, her immune system would have been shot – don’t get me wrong it’s terrible what happened to this lady, but I’m surprised they were even giving her cancer treatment.

She never tested negative and only two weeks apart, yet she was infected with a new strain of the virus, not even clearing the first infection, which evidently can now mutate as it replicates.

We didn’t know this woman, however, now, she’s being regaled like a circus clown and now, she’s just another statistic – the first person to recover and then get re-infected.

This woman was a human being, who didn’t deserve to have her medical history dissected for all the public to see.

However, she was an 89-year-old woman battling cancer and a simple cold would probably have killed her, and we should stop all of these absurd fear-mongering reports, but then this is probably being done so that everyone will be frightened and they will have the dodgy vaccine when it becomes available.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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