Moment Grandmother Lets Her Grandchild Drop To The Floor

A video showing a grandmother faced with the most difficult of dilemmas, whether to save a glass of bubbles from falling to the floor or her young grandchild, has gone viral.

The solution for the lady in question, thought to be from the United States, was indeed at the base of the flute, and the laughable clip shows the baby hurtling floor-bound while the glass of fizz is saved, albeit with half of its contents gone.

The video, entitled ‘And Grandmother of the year award goes to…’ was posted to Imgur earlier this week, has already had more than six million views since it was also shared to Twitter.

On Twitter, opinion was divided over the lady’s actions, with many saying that the grandmother should have put the child first, others defended her, saying she could have contained a more serious accident by preventing the glass from breaking.

In the brief clip, the baby, sporting a navy striped onesie, reaches for his grandmother’s tall glass, which was perched on the coffee table.

When the woman notices, she moves quickly to take the glass out of the infant’s hand and becomes so consumed with rescuing its contents, she released her supporting hand from the baby’s waist.

The unavoidable ensues and the baby falls sideways to the floor before just his feet are visible in the picture.

@T54350877 wrote that she could have easily just picked up the baby instead of dropping the baby to save her half a glass of wine.

@Musmu1203 was among those defending the actions of the grandmother, saying that if the glass had fallen with the baby, it would have broken and the baby would have been hurt and that she did the right thing.

@Matt_Dean1994 added that as a parent, she should have let the baby fall, that babies bounce and that when they fall they’re okay almost every time. That the glass could have broken and the baby would have been at risk of cutting itself on the fragments of glass.

Of course, it’s an involuntary reaction to grab something that’s falling. It was an accident, and I’m sure she didn’t mean to let the baby fall, she just reacted, automatically.

Perhaps she did the right thing, otherwise, the child would have cut himself to shreds, and it seems that this has been made into a bigger thing than was needed, although it would have been a much bigger thing with the baby being rushed to the Emergency Room.

I would sooner my baby have a bruised bottom, than a fragment of glass in it from the smashed flute, and seeing as the child was already standing on the floor, they weren’t going to fall very far, although it does beggar belief why this child was allowed to walk around while there was glassware about.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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