Prince Harry Snub As Charles Removes Collectable Named After Him From Highgrove

Royal fanatics can buy a ‘William’ teddy bear this Christmas from his father’s Highgrove House, but in the past, Highgrove Enterprises has sold three bears with royal names, William, Harry and Louis, but there will be no Harry’s this year.

The £125 alpaca haired bear features a gold embroidered Highgrove logo on its paw and comes in a presentation box with a certificate of authenticity and is billed as an outstanding piece of British heritage and a loyal companion to both adults and children alike.

It joins the Louis bear of which Merry believed made just 150 and it’s expected there will be more bears in forthcoming years with money raised going towards the Prince of Wale’s Charitable Fund.

Last year a limited edition Harry bear that was made from mohair from goats was withdrawn by Highgrove after concerns were raised about animal cruelty and now many people are furious about Harry and Meghan, saying that he made his choice and that he has to live with it, although the withdrawal of the bear had nothing to do with that.

However, Harry and Meghan appear to be enjoying life, although he always looks pretty miserable to me. Perhaps he’s missing some of his old life because it’s extremely difficult to turn your back on your family and friends.

Some of us though are not consumed by hatred the way some people are these days and to be fair, I don’t blame him. He wants to be happy with his wife and baby and I’m sure he’s old enough to make up his own mind, besides there’s been enough suffering in that family already and I don’t think that his father would want to stand in his way whatever his personal views were – anyhow, this is all about a souvenir teddy bear, it’s not like it’s life or death.

The Merry bears are a limited edition and only one is released at a time, it just so happens that it’s William’s turn since there was already a Harry bear not so long ago and the Harry bears weren’t removed because of how anyone feels about the royal situation, they were removed due to the accusations of animal cruelty around the mohair coat.

People should just leave the poor lad alone to live his life in peace and support him in whatever he wants to do. After all, there are enough royals to carry on with appearances and he clearly loves his wife and nobody has the strength or right to change that.

The Merry bears had nothing to do with Harry, but it’s so easy to trigger the gutter press readers and it’s extremely sad, but then I suppose it makes excellent news.

Being of royal blood, especially the queen of hearts, many people loathed him from day one, but then I suppose he doesn’t have to carry the burden of Prince Andrew around with him – only the burden of having a person of colour for a wife, at least they will live a colourful life and Harry knew that he would never have any noteworthy position inside the Royal Family.

He will always be Prince Harry to most people, but it was his choice to make, let’s face it, it’s not like most of the other royals have not been beyond reproach.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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