I Fled New York City Amid COVID

They took off in haste, but these New Yorkers are on the express line back to the metropolis.

When the pandemic hit in March, Zachary Thacher packed his bags and joined the record-breaking exodus of city dwellers leaving town.

Zachary Thacher said that he was feeling cooped up and felt that he wanted to have a more rustic life that was more in tune with nature, but it turns out that not all New Yorkers are cut out for country life.

Zachary Thacher said that he wasn’t in farm shape when he got there when he volunteered at a friend’s organic farmstead for four and a half months. And so after testing out life in Massachusettes, Vermont and Beacon, New York, Zachary Thacher settle on, well, Brooklyn.

Zachary Thacher, who runs a digital marketing company said he missed the diversity of his Jewish flock, and he said that it’s so easy to stroll to places without having to plan things out – that you can stumble upon bars and cafes and not be on a script there in New York.

And it’s not only the boonies that are turning off city slickers. New Yorkers have been snatching up real estate in the suburbs, as well as smaller provincial municipalities, where they can get newly coveted luxuries like outdoor space.

Maureen Cross, an accountant who gave up her rent-controlled one-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side said that she’s now got a driveway, a yard, a washing machine and an eat-in kitchen.

On June 1, she signed a lease on a much larger three-bedroom flat in Burlington, Vermont, where she moved with her two Siberian huskies, and she said that after two weeks, she was like, “Is this all there is? Where’s everybody?”

Maureen Cross was soon skimming StreetEasy to move back to the West 80s from her new digs in the sticks and eventually scored a duplex with a backyard, and she was delighted to return to the churn of fast-paced city life and soon found herself back in her old routine of visiting museums, strolling through Riverside Park and volunteering with the Wild Bird Fund.

Maureen Cross said that she moved back right in time for the Met reopening and when she strode into the room with the Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko paintings, her cells fell back into place.

The burbs are brilliant if you’re cut out for it but when you’re having withdrawal symptoms because you have to go three days without seeing a homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk on your way to the deli, that’s when you know you’re not cut out for the burbs.

Some people are bored in suburbia, let alone rural. If you want a tranquil life, then the burbs are ideal, but if you’re like me and like doing something different every day, then it’s super convenient on transit and there’s something to do every day – never a moment to get bored.

But of course, we’re all different with different needs to keep our minds sane, but it’s all about choices and whatever brings a person peace of mind in this crazy world that we live in, and it’s about whatever floats your boat.

And New York has gone through so many formidable years, but it always bounces back, but you also have to remember that in most big cities people would step over you if you collapsed in the street – they have no time for anyone or anything but themselves, but such is the pace of life.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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