Biden’s Lead In Arizona Narrows To Just 68,000 Votes After A New Batch Of Absentees Heavily Favoured Donald Trump

Democrat Joe Biden’s lead in Arizona has narrowed to just 68,000 votes after a new batch of absentee votes heavily favoured Republican President Donald Trump, giving new life to the Trump camps view that a victory is still achievable.

Donald Trump won the batches of some 140,000 additional votes from Maricopa County counted Wednesday and early Thursday by a roughly 57-40 margin, almost exactly the margin he needs in all the state’s outstanding votes to succeed.

After the new votes were counted, the statewide tallies stood at 1,469,341 votes, or 50.49 per cent, for Joe Biden and 1,400,951 votes, or 48.14 per cent, for Donald Trump – an estimated 400,000 votes had yet to be totalled in the state as of early Thursday.

Media outlets including the Associated Press have already projected Joe Biden as the winner in Arizona, predicting that his present lead is insurmountable, but the latest numbers gave Donald Trump’s supporters hope.

Paul Bentz, a Republican pollster with the consulting firm HighGround, told the Arizona Republic that Donald Trump would have to win 57.6 per cent of the outstanding votes in the state to crush Joe Biden’s lead.

Although that’s practically the exact margin by which Donald Trump won the latest batch of absentee ballots, the Republican would have to repeat that performance across the state, including places that tilt more Democrat.

Paul Bentz said that he couldn’t afford to trip up once, unless the next day suddenly he surges way back and he continued that it was a good first day, after the election. The question is, can he keep up this pace?

Paul Bentz said Wednesday was the best the Trump campaign could have wished for after being down by so much on Tuesday night and the President’s campaign still has a shot.

If Trump were to convert Arizona to his column, he could still lose in one of the following states and emerge victorious: Nevada, Georgia or North Carolina.

With Arizona for Biden, all three states are must-wins for Trump. In either scenario, Donald Trump must win Pennsylvania to retain the White House.

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump supporters, some armed with rifles and handguns, assembled outside an election centre in Arizona after unfounded rumours that votes for the Republican president were deliberately not being counted. Chanting ‘Stop the steal!’ the protestors stood in front of the Maricopa Country Elections Department in Phoenix.

Hopefully, it’s over for Donald Trump – he needs to take his defeat and pack his bags and go. But what I don’t understand is how Donald Trump has been President for four years and he’s still permitted to go on national TV with that horrible orange face.

And while we shouldn’t care about the colour of his face, you’d think he would have made a bit of an effort and until that magic 270 has been hit, nothing is official and Donald Trump is still the President and he could still win this.

68,000 votes don’t mean anything – it’s the electoral college ballots that have to be looked at and yes, he does still have a path to the White House, but he will need to win pretty much every State that has not finished counting.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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