Whether you prefer your steak super rare or extremely well done, surely we can all agree that cooking a steak is a fine art.

That said, one TikTok user has left the internet horrified after she put two perfectly good steaks in the toaster, and I wouldn’t advise attempting this at home.

Using the “#chef” hashtag, the American woman known only as Juliette captioned the video: “Cooking steak for my boyfriend.” And in the viral clip, Juliette crams two raw steaks into her toaster and puts them on a medium heat setting.

After flipping the steaks round several times, she then extracts them from the toaster when they were lightly brown on the outside.

Once they’d cooled down a little, Juliette proceeded to slather the meat in steak sauce and filmed herself taking her first bite, and while it might seem like a quick, yet extremely unhygienic mealtime fix, Juliette will have to deep clean her toaster after contaminating it with raw meat.

What’s more, the unusual method is less likely to cook the steak all the way through and leave it not just rare but raw in the centre.

The video has now been viewed over 1.2 million times, and needless to say, it sparked harsh debate in the comments.

“I just watched a crime happen,” one responded.

Another added: “Don’t toast it you Donut.”

A third quipped: “Did this today! Now I’m in the hospital.”

Meanwhile, others branded the clip as alarming and gross and were horrified by the lack of seasoning above all else.

Unable to conceal their disdain, another wrote: “You can tell how chewy it was…” shivers

For more food horror stories, this bloke tailored his McDonald’s order because he despised salad and people couldn’t stop giggling when they see it.

And these wedding guests were stunned when they were served crisps, croissants and fruit as a meal, and people branded it a ‘toddler lunch’. Plus a proud mum showed off her fussy two-year old’s lunchbox but it immediately made others freak out.

This was extremely disrespectful to the toaster and the steak, still each to their own, and I’m surprised she didn’t set her home on fire, with her boyfriend in it, and how on earth did she think she was going to clean the toaster after, when she’d put raw meat in it – hopefully she didn’t pop it in the dishwasher afterwards, or perhaps she thought it was a self-cleaning toaster.

However, it was a good way to cross-contaminate raw steak, then stick a slice of bread in the toaster – this woman should certainly come with a government health warning and these fools foster dangerous behaviour on these tinternet channels, and without fear of consequences, and this needs to change.

And these youngsters these days just don’t know how to cook and are extremely slothful in numerous ways.

However, this has got to be manufactured because she would have set the toaster on fire, so maybe she took a snapshot of the raw steak in the toaster and then cooked it in a pan – so please don’t try this at home!

Honestly folks, toasted steak, because of course, that’s really normal, although I’m not sure what normal is these days, but if anyone finds the hand brake for planet earth can you please pull it so that some of us can get off.

I wonder what Gordon Ramsay would think of this?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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