A model was left horrified after she claims an £18 Missguided jumpsuit ruined her brand new £60,000 Porsche by staining black dye across its cream suede upholstery.

Nina Bailey, 30, from London, says she splashed out on the eye-watering five-figure sum on the new Porsche Macan less than a year ago, yet was enraged to discover the cream suede car seat blackened with dye.

Nina Bailey claims it also completely stained her crisp white bedding to the point of no return, yet she couldn’t see any product information demonstrating that the colour might run.

She claims Missguided have apologised but haven’t accepted liability, as they informed her the product had been tested and the dye doesn’t transfer.

After various garages claimed the upholstery was unsalvagable, Nina Bailey resorted to taking the car back to Porsche who said they could endeavour to get the dye out, however, she said there were no promises that it would come out.

The loyal Missguided shopper was forced to throw away her bedding and won’t be sporting the dreaded jumpsuit again or making further purchases until the problem is solved.

Nina Bailey said that the jumpsuit had 100 per cent ruined the seat of her motorcar and that she was gutted when she saw it and thought ‘oh my god, imagine how much that’s going to cost to fix for an £18 item, and she said it made her frustrated.

She said that she’s been to loads of different garages and because they’re dyed cream suede seats, it’s not going to come out and that there wasn’t any product information to say that it might run – nothing at all – which was a bit irritating.

She said that she’s been able to throw away the bedding but that she can’t just get a new seat because it’s a Porsche and it’s sort of stuck with her now.

Nina Bailey said that she first wore the jumpsuit whilst she was at home cleaning and saw that the dye had transferred onto her white bedding, which she’s had to chuck away.

Nina Bailey said that she discovered when she got up that all her sheets and pillowcases and everything were black from the dye and was like ‘what the hell?’

She said that she washed the sheets and pillowcases because of what had happened and went out in her car, and the next morning when she got back in it she realised what had happened and she thought: “Oh my God, that jumpsuit again”.

She said that she probably won’t bother wearing the jumpsuit again because she might forget that she’s wearing the dreaded one and that she’s got a lot of light furniture and she doesn’t want it to happen again.

I think perhaps she’s trying to pull a fast one here. If you noticed that your jumpsuit had stained your bedding, you definitely wouldn’t then go out in your car and get dye all over that as well.

A rational person would have taken it off, put it in a bag and sent it back to Missguided with a letter saying what had happened, but that’s a lot of speculation, and until Missguided find out what happened, we will just have to wait and see, but I’m sure she’s loving the media attention.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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