Prince Philip Adores Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, who’s been married to Prince William since 2011, has been accepted by the Royal Family as one of their own and her position in the Royal Family has always been a positive one.

The Duchess undergoes hundreds of engagements in support of the Queen and Prince Philip every year, while also devoting her time to several charitable causes and through the years, she’s believed to have developed a meaningful and close bond with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, with royal author Ingrid Seward saying that it’s known that Prince Philip likes her.

The Duke of Edinburgh represents an old school class of the Royal Family, one which still firmly believes in tradition, and values its sense of duty above all else and journalist Juliet Rieden wrote that on a personal level, there’s an old fashioned-ness to Philip.

She said a man’s man, stiff upper lip, always intact with all the foibles afforded to men in the British nobility and Prince Philip’s love of the old fashioned and classic institution of monarchy no doubt reaffirms his love for the Duchess of Cambridge, who herself has embodied a lot of the same values through the years.

While Meghan and Harry made headlines with their surprise decision to split and an ensuing series of events, which was viewed unfavourably by the monarchy, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s personal life mostly remain under wraps.

Ms Seward explained, she’s a little bit more of an old fashioned girl than Diana or Meghan Markle, which she believed he appreciates and the royal author said the Duchess also has a unique charm with the British people that puts her ahead of other royals.

She explained that she’s beautiful and never takes a bad photo and that in this visual world that we live in, it’s essential to see someone who’s going to be a future Queen as a beauty, which she is.

But that she also works hard and that she’s brought a breath of fresh air into the Windsor clan and as the future Queen consort and the mother to a prospective king, the Duchess has a lot on her plate.

She’s expected to be a supportive wife, hands-on and present mum, charity advocate and full time working member of the royal family, amongst other roles.

Most people love her because she’s got morals and values and it shows, and having a sound background is essential, but doesn’t that make it sound that women have no choice in this misogynistic society?

Women shouldn’t be child producing and male bearing machines for the royals and can’t speak or do anything they like, and while they are, nothing has been learnt by the sexist, patriarchy monarch, and he’s impressed by her because she’s doing what a typical dictator monarch wants – Diana didn’t do that, so she met her fate.

And why do they go to university, if they don’t want a career?

Meghan Markle might not have come from the right family background, but then you can’t pick the family you were born into, and she’s not a handbag wife like some people might suggest – she worked for what she had even before she met Harry, but it appears that it makes people feel good demeaning people.

Many people come from damaged homes and many aren’t afforded the indulgences that the royals are, but that doesn’t mean that Meghan Markle isn’t a responsible adult, although I must confess Kate doesn’t play games with the press and does recognise her duty.

She had her high jinks while she was a youth at university and she and William waited a long time to make sure it would work, get married and have children, so Kate doesn’t have to be trendy, and who needs to be trendy? By your early 30’s you should have your own style.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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