Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Declares He Will Refuse To Take COVID-19 Vaccine

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has said he won’t take a COVID 19 vaccine even after it receives approval from his own government and in a video shared to social media on Thursday, Jair Bolsonaro stated that he would not be taking the vaccine and that it was his right.

Brazil has recorded more than 170,000 coronavirus demises, making it the second worst-hit country in the world and Jair Bolsonaro encountered criticism for his handling of the pandemic, which has included playing down the virus, opposing lockdown measures and relentlessly promoting the drug hydroxychloroquine despite studies demonstrating it’s ineffective against COVID 19.

He caught COVID 19 himself at the beginning of July, and more than half of his cabinet had tested positive for the virus in recent months, but once any treatment is approved by Brazil’s health regulatory authorities, his government will immediately arrange its acquisition and issuance to those who want it.

But he added he was sure that Brazil’s parliament would not make immunisation compulsory.

Many nations are pinning their hopes on a vaccine to end the nightmare of the pandemic, with two jabs on the verge of approval by authorities after showing about 95 per cent effectiveness in trials.

On Wednesday, US-based pharmaceutical giant Pfizer gave the results of the tests of their candidate to the office of Brazil’s health regulators, a crucial step to endorse and register the vaccine – Brazil’s health ministry has already agreed to purchase 100 million doses of a different vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

Perhaps Jair Bolsonaro’s terrified of needles or maybe he knows something that we don’t and I think that everyone’s going to be a tad nervous as this new drug has been created relatively quickly.

And what will the risks and dangers of the vaccine be? Will it confound and harm the immune system? And it appears that it’s money again and again that these pharmaceutical companies want.

Should we be taking something like this new vaccine when it’s so unexplored and not proven to work 100 per cent? But people may have no alternative but to have the vaccine because if they don’t, the Government and businesses will make sure you have restricted movement.

And whose responsibility will it be if and when the vaccine has bad side effects?

It needs to be made extremely apparent before people have the vaccine that it’s not been adequately trialled, with very little human trials.

Clinical trials move through stages, testing intervention in larger groups until they’re determined safe and effective.

These trials usually enrol 20 to 100 healthy volunteers or people with the condition being investigated and last several months.

This phase estimates safety by testing for any adverse side effects of the treatment, but not necessarily how effective the drug or device is.

About 70 per cent of possible new drugs enter phase two, which continues to gauge safety, while also examining how effective the treatment is and carefully studying its side effects.

Phase two trials recruit up to several hundred patients with the condition to take part. This phase generally lasts several months to two years and just 33 per cent of drugs make it to phase three, which tests the potential treatment on the largest number of people.

This phase measures both safety and effectiveness with numerous volunteers, sometimes thousands – phase three trials last from one to four years.

After phase three, a pharmaceutical company may submit a New Drug Application and the views from that will determine whether it’s endorsed or not so that pharmaceutical companies can begin marketing it to the public – in other words, it can take an extremely long time before it reaches the public.

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