Paul McCartney Says He Likes Wearing Masks Because He Can Go Anywhere And Do Anything

Protective masks have been one of the most polarising topics of 2020, but Sir Paul McCartney likes his, and the former Beatle, who just unleashed a new album, McCartney III, said he liked wearing masks because he could go anywhere an do anything without people recognising him.

Speaking to SiriusXM shock jock Howard Stern, Paul McCartney said he loves the mask and that he can stroll into work wearing a mask with everyone looking and he can look them in the eye but they have no idea who he is.

Paul McCartney added that despite the obscurity masks give him, he isn’t happy about the most terrifying year of our lives and he said it’s probably been the most terrifying year of our lives because when there was other big crises like AIDS, the bird flu or SARS or whatever, they tended to happen to other people, but this thing’s happening to us, no matter who you are or what you’ve been doing.

And he said that he believed that we’ve got to kind of take some lessons from it. Like it’s particularly good to slow down, it’s very good to be with your family, have time for people instead of just running around, and to him, that was the silver lining.

He said it’s not over, but it’s something that’s brought a lot of people together, so he hopes that we’ve learned something from it and Paul McCartney’s comments came shortly after he talked about turning to former bandmate John Lennon to advice when writing new material, calling the late singer the best collaborator in the world.

And he said that they collaborated for so long, that now he thinks okay, what would he think of this? What would he say now?

But Paul McCartney isn’t the only individual that enjoys the anonymity of the masks, there are loads of people out there that like them because then they can be inconspicuous.

And some women loathe going out without makeup on, so the mask is heaven-sent for them, but this also includes criminals, they’re in their element, and people are finding that people they wish to avoid don’t recognise them, and with the cold weather, the mask is keeping their face warm, what’s not to like?

But don’t forget this year has been terrifying, rather tedious and extremely desolate for some, but I’m sure for celebrities the masks are the in thing because now they can merrily go to the store or stroll in the park and not be recognised.

I guess this is one way of looking at having to wear a mask in a positive light.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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