Local media reports that China is on course to finish creating an artificial sun before the end of the year.

The remarkable structure will be capable of reaching 100 million degrees Celcius, six times hotter than the centre of our Sun.

Scientists hope that the artificial sun will help harness the power of nuclear fusion.

This would bring humankind a step nearer to creating unlimited clean energy, by imitating reactions that naturally occur inside the Sun.

The artificial sun was first announced by Chinese researchers last November, but the project has just hit an important milestone.

Chinese media reports that early trials have permitted researchers to create stunningly elevated temperatures and researchers are using a device called a tokamak, which uses a powerful magnetic field to snare hot plasma.

Our Sun hits temperatures of about 15 million degrees Celcius at its core, but the plasma from China’s artificial sun has reached an electron temperature of 100 million degrees Celcius, and an ion temperature of 50 million degrees Celcius.

Duan Xuru, an official at the China National Nuclear Corporation, told Science and Technology Daily, the official newspaper of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology that ions are what generate energy in the device.

So the goal is to now bring the ion temperature up to 100 million degrees too.

Ion temperature is usually lower than electron temperature, so this may be difficult and Duan said the device needs to be tweaked to hit the goal.

As well as high pressure, nuclear fusion needs extremely elevated temperatures, which the artificial sun could supply.

If successful, China will be able to provide a major helping hand to ITER, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor.

It’s a major undertaking involving scientists from 35 countries that aims to ‘new energy’ sources using nuclear fusion.

If nuclear fusion can be harness using a low energy method, it could allow for the creation of unlimited clean energy.

China recently germinated a seed on the Moon in a world first and the eastern nation recently revealed creepy virtual newsreaders that can deliver unwavering 27/7 content, and a Chinese scientist recently claimed to have created the world’s first gene-edited babies.

And if they can recreate the Sun, how can we be certain that they didn’t create coronavirus – this is an extremely scary thought that we’re all now involved in – I have a bad feeling about this!

And this is another situation that will probably fail, but who will handle this failure when the project goes awry? And what is their master plan? And they should take back the virus they brought to the world before creating an artificial sun we don’t need.

This is foolishness coming from China and when are they going to stop?

They need to be stomped down on and it seems that someone should have some authority over them.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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