Donald Trump Intends To Live At Mar-a-Lago And Employ Current Aides After Presidency

Donald Trump reportedly plans to move to his Mar-a-Lago retreat in Florida on the morning of Joe Biden’s inauguration, where he’s expected to employ a few of his loyal White House aides who would either work for him or his son in law, Jared Kushner.

A report published by Bloomberg, quoting sources familiar to the president, says that Donald Trump plans to live in his Florida retreat after his presidency where Jared Kushner will spend a substantial part of his time working with him.

However, some of his prospective neighbours are attempting to prevent him from taking up permanent residency.

The state department confirmed that president-elect Joe Biden and his wife, Dr Jill Biden, have accepted the offer to stay at the Blair House on the eve of his inauguration.

The historic house is the official residence for guests of the president and it’s located near the White House.

However, with Donald Trump’s unwillingness to abide by the custom of attending the new president’s inauguration, it was uncertain whether he would meet Joe Biden or not, as there hadn’t been any official confirmation on where the president would move to after his term expires.

The president is preparing to fly to Mar-a-Lago on the morning of the inauguration but has kept the information hidden from his staff, according to Bloomberg which quoted two sources who have asked not to be named.

Bloomberg wrote that people who are likely to work for him after he leaves the White House are Nick Luna, the director of Oval Office Operations and Donald Trump’s body man, Molly Michael, a deputy assistant to Donald Trump, and Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Nick Luna’s wife, Cassidy Luna, a deputy assistant to the president, may work for Kushner.

However, Donald Trump, who officially declared Florida as his residence in 2019, may encounter opposition from neighbours who have already stated they don’t want him there.

According to an earlier report by the Washington Post, some of Donald Trump’s neighbours presented a demand letter to the town authorities of Palm Beach, addressed to the US Secret Service, which said that the president lost his legal right to permanently live at Mar-a-Lago due to an agreement he signed in 1993 when he turned his private home to a private club.

And people will now be questioning if Donald Trump will leave the country to evade prosecution as there are numerous indictments under seal awaiting Donald Trump becoming a private citizen.

Perhaps political asylum, mind you, he’d have to find a country that would let him in first because the backlash on them would be horrific – I suppose the antarctic might consider him on the belief that white is right.

But of course, he’s lit a match, tossed it on a pile of explosive debris he’s been spewing for the last 4 years, with more intensity since he lost the election – now he’s fleeing town, how very presidential of him.

I thought he was leaving the country, never to be seen again – that would be a dream come true, but then perhaps he’s realised that no other country would have him because he’s shunned throughout the world, and with all his criminality he probably wouldn’t even get a residency visa.

And Vladimir Putin got all he wanted from Donald Trump, he’s far more supremely intelligent than Donald Trump and he probably wouldn’t be able to put up with Donald Trump’s moronic brain for long.

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