Prince William Worried That Harry Is Trying To Take Control Of Diana Legacy

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry used a cute photo of the Duke with his mum, Princess Diana, when he was a wee boy to launch their new website Archewell, but royal experts think this may have created concerns behind the scenes.

Prince William will be concerned that his brother, Prince Harry, is using photos of their mother Princess Diana to promote his new business ventures, a royal expert has claimed.

As they launched Archewell, the foundation which will be home to their post royal projects, including multi-million dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify, Meghan Markle and Harry used a photo of his dead mother.

The delightful snap, which shows a young Harry sitting on his mother’s shoulders, was the backdrop for their New Year message alongside a photograph of Meghan’s mother, Doria.

Motherhood was also the theme of their message, which began: “I am my mother’s son. And I am our son’s mother. Together we bring you Archewell.”

Asked how William would feel about Harry using this image, royal expert and author Katie Nicholl told True Royalty TV’s Royal Beat that she believed William would be concerned, and Harry attempting to take ownership of the Diana Legacy would be a problem.

But that also Harry doing mental health, Harry doing conversation, these were the issues that William and Kate want to do and that’s where she predicted the tensions would be.

However, Katie Nicholl explained that Harry had always been pretty clear about wanting to continue Diana’s legacy and doesn’t think that the lack of reference to Prince Charles was any indication of any tension.

And she said that the brother’s relationship was much better than it was this time last year when Meghan Markle and Harry dropped their bombshell quitting statement, because this time last year, Prince William and Prince Harry weren’t even speaking to one another.

She said that things are better now, even though there are still things to overcome but she believes that they all realise that you have to move on in life, and the plan is that the four of them will be together for the unveiling of Diana’s statue.

Perhaps Harry is more like his mother and he realises that he doesn’t have to agree that everything he’s told to do he has to do. After all, he is entitled to have a mind of his own, and perhaps the Queen needs to get with the times as well because things are not the same as when she was younger, although we know that’s never going to happen while the Queen is alive.

And it’s understandable that Prince William would like to see his mother rest in peace and not constantly brought up, and it’s about time the poor gal was allowed some respect, even if she is dead.

Prince William shouldn’t be concerning himself with Harry because William has got everything he needs and he should be getting on with becoming king, while Harry and Meghan do what they have to do to protect their family.

And many people are saying that Harry is a spoilt brat and envious of his brother William and his wife Kate. But spoilt brats don’t ordinarily choose to fight for their country on the frontline – twice.

Prince Harry left the Army in 2015 after serving the military for ten years, although the Royal Family were hugely concerned about his safety when he first announced his wish to serve on the front line, but he was not easily discouraged and he was determined to fulfil his life long dream and become a soldier.

He spent years training with the military but just before he was deployed in 2007, his family pulled him back due to concerns that he would be targeted by the Taliban.

His grandfather, Prince Philip, reportedly had no compassion for Harry and even wanted him to go into the Navy, which was the traditional royal route because he thought it would be safer.

Still, Harry managed to convince his family and finally fought on the front line, but when he was only 23, he had a brush with death, and now Harry is sticking up his middle finger at the establishment – nothing more, nothing less, and he should be allowed to use any photo he wants of him and his mother.

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