Joe Biden To Push For US-UK Deal

A political expert said that Joe Biden is likely to broker a deal between the United Kingdom and the US in a bid to boost Brexit Britain’s chances to keep France and Germany’s aspirations under control.

David Frum, an author and Republican speechwriter, explained the US always wanted the United Kingdom to have close ties to the rest of Europe so they could further US interests.

Despite US powers being generally opposed to Brexit, with the exception of Donald Trump, David Frum said it’s water under the bridge and said the US and Joe Biden care very deeply about the UK.

He also signalled Joe Biden may attempt to strike an agreement with the United Kingdom quickly to ensure the country maintains some levels of control over France and Germany being too influential on the continent.

Channel 4 News host Matt Frei questioned whether President Joe Biden may oppose Britain’s efforts to distance itself further from the bloc, saying that the new administration won’t like it if London distances itself unnecessarily more from Brussels.

The American commentator said that America since President Eisenhower wanted Britain to have a close relationship with the continent because it improves the British economy, and it stops the French and Germans from being too status because Britain raises a strong voice on behalf of free trade interest inside the EU.

And ultimately, Britain inside the EU always discourages the EU to try and compete with NATO over the defence business, but that’s water under the bridge, and the decision has been made, and that decision has to be made successful.

The Channel 4 presenter also asked: “Should Joe Biden care about the UK-US special relationship and should we the United Kingdom stop caring?”

Mr Frum responded: “Does he care about Britain? Of course, everyone in the American national security system cares a great deal about Britain”.

And he said that he didn’t believe that it was any secret and that Joe Biden liked just about everyone in a position of responsibility in the US, save for Donald Trump, who believed that Brexit was an unwise choice.

Mr Frum said that the choice having been made is going to be an important American economic and national security matter.

Boris Johnson had been hoping to thrash out a draft-free trade deal with the US during Donald Trump’s Administration, but the focus had to remain on discussions with the European Union, and Jim Harra, the chief executive of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), told MPs that the number of customs forms required to trade with the EU under the Brexit agreement was not very different from a no-deal situation – so not deserving of the paper it was written on.

Water in this country is over 70 per cent owned by the EU and other countries.

EU companies own many of the energy companies as are numerous UK train networks.

Many courier companies have EU investment and there are EU made lorries delivering goods here in England, plus even UK made cars have EU parts, and whether directly or indirectly we can’t boycott the EU profiting in the United Kingdom.

And I think that the first thing that Joe Biden will want to do is sort out America first before agreeing on any free trade deal with the United Kingdom, which will mean that Boris Johnson is going to be well and truly shafted, and if it wasn’t for the fact that this is going to be disastrous for us in the United Kingdom, I’d be bouncing about with glee.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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