Stephanie Brown from Massanutten, Virginia got a huge surprise from her son when her four-year-old son Dominic headed out and brought back a baby deer with him which he’d befriended in the nearby woods on the porch during a family vacation to Massanutten retreat in Virginia.

The mother managed to take a snap of the unique moment and shared it on Facebook, where it immediately went viral.

People were fascinated by how at ease the fawn looked in the presence of the four-year-old, and Stephanie explained that the family had been preparing to leave the Massanutten retreat and head back home to Ragged Point Beach in Virginia when her son Dominic showed up with his new friend, and although she was shocked, she began taking pictures of the partners in crime.

The snap was shared on Facebook and has now since gathered more than 16,000 likes and about 20,000 shares, which shows Dominic in his Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer pJ’s, wearing Winter boots next to the baby deer on the porch of the holiday rental.

The pair seemed utterly at ease with one another, and the fawn didn’t seem in a rush to head back to the woods as he peered curiously at Stephanie.

Stephanie told ABC that she was in shock and that she thought her mind was playing games with her, and it was like it wasn’t anything strange for her son Dominic, it was so weird.

Stephanie said they were so in sync with each other, and the deer cocked his head in the same direction as her son as she took the pictures.

Dominic named his new buddy Flash after the DC Comics superhero, and when the impromptu photoshoot was over, she said that she asked her son to walk his friend back to the woods so it could be found by its mother.

On Facebook, where Stephanie shared the snap, thousands of people swooned at the enchanting image, and one person said that they both looked like it was an everyday occurrence for them.

And what a wonderful pair, he’s already mature enough to bring dinner home, or it might have been the deer that brought him home because apparently, four-year-old Dominic headed out and brought back a baby deer with him. Did the 4-year-old head out to the woods on his own?

However, clearly, the fawn had a peaceful kinship with the young lad, with trusting and innocence, and the picture is absolutely delightful.

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