A Police Officer In Suicide After Posting Videos

A black police officer from Louisiana has killed himself after sharing a series of videos online saying he’d had enough of serving a system that didn’t give a damn about him or other African Americans.

Clyde Kerr III, 43, a Lafayette Parish sheriff’s deputy, died by suicide on Monday after talking extensively about the demonic criminal justice system and the killings of Black men including George Floyd.

Clyde Kerr said in one of his videos shared online that he couldn’t abide by this any more and that he wasn’t having anything to do with this nonsense no more, and that if this feels right to you, then there’s something wrong with you, and that this was the furthest thing from right.

He said: “You have no idea how hard it is to put a uniform on in this day and age with everything that’s going on”.

He also highlighted the importance of mental health in the police force and spoke about children’s exposure to violence and trauma in videos that have now been extensively circulated on social media.

He said that his whole life had been in the service of other people and that they trusted him to safeguard their little ones, the thing that was most dear to them and that he did that well.

He said that he passed security clearance in the military, but that had enabled him to see the inner working of things and that it dawned on him that they don’t give a damn about everyone, and they were the facts.

He said that he understood that they have a tough job, and that’s what they signed up for, but that they needed help because when they deal with the bottom rung of society, that doesn’t give them an excuse to just do whatever they want, and that was what they were doing and that they were not being held accountable.

Clyde Kerr was a father, and a long time deputy and a veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

His posts triggered debate online about the mental health of police officers, particularly Black officers. Clyde Kerr also spoke about his struggle to reconcile his status as a Black man with his profession, before proposing suicide.

Sharing one of the videos, writer and activist Shaun King wrote on Instagram that the fact was that the system was so gross and so inhumane, that the whole thing needed to be torn down and reimagined, and that was so bad it was even destroying police themselves.

But this is what you get when people reject the existence of systemic racism and prejudice against the Black community, and it’s so sad that it had to end in this way for Officer Clyde Kerr, and may his declaration help to improve things, and we need to keep speaking up for compassion and fairness.

Sadly, racism is alive and well and positively thriving in some regions, and it’s a disgrace that some people make life a living hell for others, and our hearts should go out to this gentleman and his family, and it’s just a pity that he couldn’t get the help that he required, it seems like he was a fine gentleman.

This is all sad, but unfortunately, there are numerous people out there that enjoy the oppression of others, and there will always be those that will fight for the oppressed, and there is so much wrong with humanity.

Racism can break a person’s spirit, and what this gentleman must have seen to take his own life is chilling.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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