‘Judge, You Is So Gorgeous’

A Florida man facing an attempted robbery charge is making headlines after philandering with the judge presiding over his case.

Demetrius Lewis appeared before Broward County Judge Tabitha Blackmon via a Zoom hearing on Thursday on charges he attempted to break into a Fort Lauderdale home as three children slept inside.

A video of Demetrius Lewis hitting on Tabitha Blackmon has since gone viral on social media, having been viewed more than one million times.

‘How you doin’, how you doin’?’ Demetrius Lewis asks in the clip as he appears on the Zoom call. The accused felon then notices Tabitha Blackmon on his screen and states: ‘Judge, you is so gorgeous…I just have to tell you, you’re gorgeous.’

Demetrius Lewis then proceeds with his compliments, telling Tabitha Blackmon that he loves her.

Tabitha Blackmon appears somewhat amused by the remarks before she responds: ‘Alright Mr Lewis. Flattery will get you everywhere. But maybe not here.’

Indeed, Demetrius Lewis’s proclamations of affection didn’t do much to impress the judge, who ordered him held on $5,000 bond, and according to a news outlet, Demetrius Lewis had previously spent four years in jail.

He was reportedly freed in 2019 after serving time for aggravated battery with a lethal weapon, but while his flirting failed to grant him freedom, it left social media users entertained. I mean, what did he have to lose at this point?

Last year, Tabitha Blackmon was appointed to Florida’s Seventeenth Judicial Circuit’s County by Governor Ron DeSantis. She previously served as a prosecutor for the State Attorney’s Office, and as an attorney for the Attorney General’s Office.

You’ve got to admit, Demetrius Lewis has become a bit of a legend – give him a round of applause for at least trying, and because, let’s face it, Tabitha is gorgeous! And love is found in the most simple of thing – it’s not just about looks or class, or how much money one might have.

And she loved the compliment, just look at that smile!

However, he may have taken the word court a little too literally with his courtship.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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