COVID Strain Discovered In Bristol

The mutated coronavirus variant first discovered in Bristol was identified as a variant of concern by UK scientists.

Public Health England said it has now found 21 cases of this variant of the virus, with 14 in Bristol and the South West, four in Manchester and three spread across the United Kingdom.

It’s a strain of the Kent variant, the dominate strain of the virus in England, which has mutated further to develop a change first found on the South African strain which may make vaccines less effective.

Because of this mutation called E484K, which also increases the chance of people getting reinfected after they already had COVID 19, experts are desperate to stamp it out.

It becomes the third variant of concern found in Britain, alongside the now dominant Kent variant and the South African one. A fourth, one of two strains from Brazil, is also listed by Public Health England but it’s not yet been discovered in the United Kingdom.

Experts said they were concerned about the Bristol variant’s combination of mutations because it would be at least as transmissible as the fast-spreading Kent variant but also possibly able to evade immunity from vaccines.

Although it’s not likely to take over and become dominant now, there’s a chance it could come through when the Kent strain has been suppressed by vaccines.

The Department of Health announced it had completed its surge testing, which is used to weed out these variants, in Woking, but started it in Lambeth, London.

The spread of differing variants across Britain is causing a storm now because of the risk that one will render the long-awaited vaccines less effective.

Most worrying is the spread of the E484K mutation that seems to give the virus the capacity to get past immunity developed against older variants of the virus.

This mutation initially appears randomly, and it appears to do so fairly frequently, but sometimes becomes a permanent feature of a variant because it gives it an advantage in that it can reinfect people who would be protected against other variants of the virus.

Another new strain found hiding. Isn’t that just grand? They can find a new strain of the virus, yet they can’t uncover the five million illegal immigrants living here. You know the one’s the then London Mayor Boris Johnson wanted to give amnesty to.

It’s absurd to think that you can hide from this or stop variants at the border.

We have the capacity for similar or identical variants to mutate within the United Kingdom and it’s happening already and we’ve never seen so much fear since World War II, and as soon as the Kent, South Africa and Brazilian strains identified, there comes another one.

It seems this COVID is pretty smart, and now it’s mutating. It won’t be long before it can travel 2 metres, and it seems that at the moment the United Kingdom is the petri dish of the world.

There are billions now being made by vaccine companies, but no statement of this, and if we don’t watch out we’re bordering precariously close to exaggerated behaviours, and people will stop listening and lockdown will falter.

And no doubt, this new strain of the virus will be another reason for Boris Johnson to lock us down even longer, but then this appears to be the plan, to keep giving them different names so that they can keep us living under restrictions, but suddenly not a single mention of China.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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