A postman left a helpless pensioner lying in the snow in biting temperatures after a bad fall because he was too knackered to help her.

Shocking footage showed the Royal Mail worker ignoring elderly Patricia Stewart despite her pleas for help. He then left the scene without giving her a hand, leaving Patricia Stewart to the mercy of the Baltic weather conditions in Falkirk, Scotland.

In the video, he said to her that he couldn’t help, he was too knackered.

Patricia Stewart’s love ones were left seething and slammed the disgusting clip as they blasted the postie for his actions, with Royal Mail now investigating.

The OAP’s niece Sheryl told on social media how the OAP was helped inside by a kind-hearted Hermes worker a short time later, who then fetched a neighbour.

Sheryl told a news outlet that she was appalled and outraged and that she’d been looking after her aunt since September.

She said that she didn’t think it seemed right at first because she didn’t think anyone would leave a 72-year-old on the ground, but then she saw the video and she was in disbelief, and that if she hadn’t have seen the video, she wouldn’t have believed it, and that it beggars belief, and she said that she didn’t know what this man was thinking, it was bizarre.

She wrote on Facebook that here was their postman this morning. Her aunt had fallen and was laying on the path in the snow, and that if you listen to the video closely you’ll hear the postman telling her Aunt that he couldn’t help her because he’d been working since x time this morning in this weather, and then walked away leaving her 72-year-old mother in the snow.

She said that fortunately the Hermes girl appeared shortly after and done what the postman should have and called on a neighbour to assist, and she said thank goodness for that girl because this could have been a very different situation if she hadn’t turned up when she did.

She said that she didn’t have the words for how disgusting it was, for a human being to treat another human being in this way, words failed her.

Sheryl said that her aunt was feeling much better after her fall, as messages of support flooded in from Royal Mail workers across the country.

Hopefully, Royal Mail will soon have a vacancy when they fire this man. However, on the other hand, perhaps he was obeying the 2m rule, so maybe Boris Johnson will be praising him, personally.

This man should be fired because it was a horrible thing that he did, but I bet there will be some loophole and they won’t be able to sack him, as it’s not in his contract to pick people up off the floor, but what despicable human behaviour.

There might be 2-metre distancing, but this woman was vulnerable and had it been someone who’d got stabbed in front of you and was bleeding to death, are you going to be like “Oh I can’t help because of the two-metre distancing”, or “Sorry, but I’m too tired”.

I’m surprised he didn’t lean over her and put a note through the door, saying I couldn’t have cared less.

We know he was just a man working, but failing to help or call on others to help, that’s not the action of anyone who can be called a man.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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