Ashley Judd In Hospital Following A Catastrophic Accident

Ashley Judd has been taken to hospital following a catastrophic accident in the Congo.

The Kiss the Girls actress announced in an Instagram Live that she was resting in a trauma unit in beautiful South Africa after sustaining extensive catastrophic injuries during a rainforest excursion.

Ashley Judd said that she’d been travelling in the Congo when she tripped over a fallen tree.

She recalled lying on the forest floor for five hours and wailing like an animal while being transported back to her camp by her Congolese brothers.

She added that she faded in and out of consciousness during the journey out of the rainforest and to the capital of Kinshasa,
and had kept herself awake by reciting Bible passages.

She was eventually taken to hospital in South Africa after what she described as an especially frightening experience.

In the Instagram Live, Ashley Judd stated that the accident was a reminder of her privilege as a person of means travelling in the Congo, explaining that the difference between a Congolese person and herself was disaster insurance that enabled her, 55 hours after her accident, to get to an operating table in South Africa.

Ashley Judd, who’s the daughter of country singer Naomi Judd, has appeared in movies including Heat, Double Jeopardy and Bug.

In 2018, she sued convicted rapist and former film magnate Harvey Weinstein for destroying her career after she rebuffed his sexual overtures and scuppering a chance to star in the Lord of the Rings trilogy by portraying her as difficult to work with.

In 2020, an appeals court allowed Ashley Judd to pursue her sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

The thing is, if Ashley Judd had a catastrophic injury, she wouldn’t have been live streaming on Instagram, would she?

I’m not sure if this was a huge catastrophe, although I’m sure it must have been a painful one, and severe enough to have had to have surgery, but a massive catastrophic injury would have been more like spinal cord damage or brain injury.

Perhaps what the doctors had to do to her leg means that her leg will never be the same again, and she was in a country with poor healthcare and high-risk infection.

There’s no telling what the actual injury was, it just said that she tripped and had to be carried out, however, she made sure she let everyone know how her white privilege along with disaster insurance enabled her to go to South Africa for treatment, even though numerous people in the Congo are sick and can’t afford health care.

And that’s great – good for her for highlighting her obvious white privilege, but massive and catastrophic was a tad hyperbolic and overly dramatic when compared to people facing life-threatening injuries.

The article was a complete clickbait pile of junk, and it didn’t even say what her injury was, but they did try their best at making it sound like she was on the verge of dying, and what did her past sexual assault and lawsuit towards Harvey Weinstein have to do with her accident – clearly, someone was trying to profit off her history.

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