Gamer, 18, Killed Female Call of Duty Competitor

A student gamer purportedly stabbed a rival Call of Duty star to death before uploading a grisly video of the victim’s bloodied body to social media.

Guilherme Alves Costa, 18, has been arrested following the death of Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, 19, a gifted professional video game player in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The two had played on competing teams in the game Call of Duty: Mobile and she’s understood to have gone to his home to take part in a joint competition after making contact last month.

Guilherme Alves Costa played online under the nickname ‘Flashlight’ for the team ‘Gamers Elite’ while the victim, a player for ‘FBI E-Sports, was known as ‘Sol’.

Local reports suggest that the alleged attacker left an extensive note explaining why he committed the crime, bemoaning about being tired with life, not having any goals, and not getting on with people.

Fellow gamers raised the alarm after Guilherme Alves Costa posted a video of the victim’s bloodied body, in which he could be heard laughing, on WhatsApp.

In the chilling clip posted after the killing, he said that people might think it was ink or that it had been edited or something, but it wasn’t, and that he’d actually killed her, and he said that he had a book as well, and he asked people to share it and read it because it contained some truths.

Guilherme Alves Costa is said to have fled the scene but police were summoned when his brother came home and discovered the bloodied young woman, who he didn’t know, lying motionless on the floor.

He’s reported to have also called his family to tell them he would commit suicide, but his brother purportedly then talked him out of it, urging him to hand himself in to the police instead, which he did.

Asked why he’d attacked the victim, Guilherme Alves Costa is said to have replied that he wanted to, and he’s said to have told the police that the victim had crossed his path and that he’d been planning the crime for two weeks.

Sources say he’s written a 52-page book to explain his motive, which is being examined by detectives.

The inquiry continues.

A Gamers Elite spokesperson told local media that the team’s leadership had never met the suspect and that members of the team were horrified by Guilherme Alves Costa actions.

This is horrifying, and yet people still don’t seem to see the link between violent games and violent conduct in real life. Although there are numerous gamers out there, and just because a tiny majority of gamers obscure the line between real life and games, it doesn’t mean they all do.

Numerous people play GTA et cetera, but not all of them have the urge to pick up a gun or do anything that the games portray, but some might because not everyone knows the distinction between right and wrong, so instead of raging at the game, they rage at other people.

Many people play GTA and might have a bundle of money, all by robbing banks, casinos, drug Lords Islands, selling weed, coke, fake cash, guns and forged documents. They might own about 60 cars including a Batmobile and a flying Delorean, 6 helicopters, a yacht and a submarine, but haven’t done any of the above in real life, and they’re certainly not multimillionaires.

People have been blowing people’s heads off in these games in unreal tournaments since they were about seven or eight years old, and are now older and have never had an inkling to go and shoot or stab anyone, and usually, these games are more of an outlet for stress and anger than causing them, but it only takes one unhinged soul!

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One thought on “Gamer, 18, Killed Female Call of Duty Competitor

  1. When I first read this I wondered if this was a case of the male gamer being somehow jealous of the female gamer, or if he felt she was intruding on a ‘boys only club’. I’m not so sure now, though a part of me can’t shake that notion. It sounds like he was disturbed in some way, and it had gone unnoticed (or worse, noticed but no one cared/read the warning signs).

    I agree that the gaming community should not come under fire for this, though inevitably some people will make the long-debunked argument that games turn people violent. If that’s true, why hasn’t playing FIFA turned me into a footballing superstar?!

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