Prince Philip, 99, Begins Second Full Day At Specialist Cardiac Centre

Prince Philip starts his second full day at a specialist cardiac centre at St Bart’s after 14 days at nearby King Edward VII hospital due to an infection.

Buckingham Palace said that the 99-year-old is now receiving continuing treatment for an infection, as well as testing and observation for a pre-existing heart condition.

The Queen, who’s being kept constantly updated about her husband’s health, will not be allowed to visit him at St Bart’s and is thought to unlikely see him until he leaves.

She didn’t visit him at King Edward VII’s Hospital as she’s always reluctant to disrupt any hospital’s vital work and knows her presence would put needless pressure on staff.

It means the Queen will have been separated from her husband of 73 years for at least three weeks.

St Bart’s said that while they know it’s difficult for patients and their families, their first responsibility is to the patients they serve, and to maintain their safety and that at all times they need to control visiting.

St Bart’s continued that they’re only allowing visitors in extraordinary circumstances and that they realise that having a family member in hospital is distressing and that they work closely with families and friends to relieve their concerns and find alternative ways of staying in touch.

Buckingham Palace announced on Monday that Philip had been transferred to St Bart’s for continuing treatment for an infection, as well as testing and observation for a pre-existing heart condition.

Although he remains comfortable and responding to treatment, they say, he will remain in hospital until at least the end of the week.

However, Prince Philip hasn’t been well for some time, and not many people get to his age or have the best medical care, and the poor people of the United Kingdom who even reach his age, will ever be afforded the care Prince Philip is getting, and all because he’s a Royal.

There are many people out there praying for Prince Philip, but what about those other thousands of cancer patients, stroke victims and other people, yet people are praying for this over-privileged, extinct man.

No, I don’t dislike the man, I don’t know the man, the same as thousands of other people don’t know this man, and he appears to be somebody special to a lot of people, and I guess it’s not his fault he was born into royalty.

The man is 99 years old. What do people expect him to live another 99 years? But he’s not dead yet, and hopefully, he will pull through because he’s a fighter, but everyone acts like he’s going to live forever.

He’s had a full life, and after all, death is inevitable, none of us gets out alive.

You can be optimistic, but you also have to be realistic. Prince Philip is 99 years old – how long is he supposed to live? He’s not immortal.

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