Texas Governor Greg Abbott Blames Joe Biden For Migrant Children Being Starved And Sexually Abused

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that Joe Biden should shoulder responsibility amid allegations of child abuse and neglect at an overpopulated San Antonio migrant facility.

Greg Abbott announced this at a press conference, following tips to authorities about the alleged abuse happening inside the Freeman Expo Centre. The facility is currently holding 1,370 migrant children.

And Greg Abbott declared that this facility was a health and safety nightmare, and he said that the Joe Biden administration was now presiding over the abuse of children, and to stop this injustice, the Biden administration must immediately close down the facility.

In addition to the allegations of child sex abuse and neglect, Greg Abbott also alleged that there were reports of understaffing, children not eating and the failure to separate children with or without COVID 19.

The Governor said that while they were waiting on the Biden administration to act, he was directing DPS and Texas Rangers to immediately begin investigating the allegations. However, Greg Abbott didn’t say how many children had reportedly been abused, but he did say that the allegations appeared to be reliable.

And in recent days, the amount of underage children being held at the Freeman Expo Centre has risen from 500 to 1,370, but President Joe Biden has declined to call the surge in illegal border crossing a crisis, but has tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to take charge of the situation.

But Kamala Harris has been blasted for failing to travel to the southern border. Instead, Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas will head to the area.

Alejandro Mayorkas will engage with local law enforcement and Homeland Security employees as the number of migrants arriving in the country continues to grow.

Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) reports that 500 boys from the ages of 13-17 were transported to the facility on March 25, but it’s not known if they’ve been held separately from transients of younger ages.

The Expo Centre reportedly has an internal possible capacity of 2,100 beds, and officials are struggling to make them available.

Joe Biden has come under attack for dismantling harsh Donald Trump immigration policies, which has prompted a wave of migrants at the southern border, and since taking office, Joe Biden has lifted the Trump policy that forced migrants to remain in Mexico while going through the legal process to enter the US, narrowed ICE’s criteria for arrests and expulsions, and stopped the construction of Trump’s border wall.

But this has been going on for years, now all Joe Biden has to do is think out how to rethink the system so that it does work, and if you believe that Kamala Harris is going to take the plunge and journey to the border to fix the immigration problem, then you’re wrong.

Joe Biden is a weak man, in the fact that he does have some morals and some compassion, and he will open the border and welcome everyone to the US, and the chances are that these children were being abused way before they got to the US.

This is a humanitarian issue and the Government have to work together to solve the problem – forget the left and right drivel.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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