Vladimir Putin’s Fearsome Special Unit Of Tank Robots Will Go Into Action Soon

The first special unit of tank robots is to be established soon in the Russian army amid new strains of war with neighbours Ukraine.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu inspected his unmanned firepower at the 766th Production and Technological Enterprise in Nakhabino near Moscow, and the defence ministry declared that the first unit with strike robots would be set up in the Russian Armed Forces to operate five Uran-9 robotic systems or 20 combat vehicles.

And it was announced that troops would undergo training to operate Uran-9 robotic vehicles in special military units.

A video shows the unmanned tank in action, and it’s armed with a 30mm automatic gun, Ataka anti-tank missiles and Shmel flamethrowers.

The Russian army currently holds mine clearance robots called Uran-6, firefighting Uran-14s, as well as assault Uran-9s.

Underwater and spy robots are also in development.

Shoigu ordered the robot designers to improve the technical capability of his unmanned army to overcome the impact of strong electromagnetic radiation as well as radioactive pollution.

He said that they expect to continue expanding the range of robots, which, of course, were already in demand in the military today, and he said that these would be heavy robots, for mine clearance, and everything related to the further development of scouts, radiation and chemical reconnaissance robots, and that this applied to surface and underwater robots.

The strike and mining clearance robots have been battle-tested in Syria, ahead of the formation of the first unit, and Vladimir Dmitriev, head of the Kalashnikov Concern said that faults had been identified during the tests in Syria. In particular, the issues of control, decreased mobility, and poor military intelligence and surveillance functions that had been considered by engineers and were corrected.

It’s unclear if Russia is deploying its new-age robot tanks with the massing of firepower now underway on Ukraine’s borders, but it’s pretty bad when adult men can’t solve anything diplomatically, but on the other hand, Vladimir Putin is hardly what you would call a grown man – he’s more of a gnome with a superiority complex.

Robots fighting a war, why doesn’t Vladimir Putin take it to the next stage and make it into a video game, that way no lives will be lost or harm done, and he can still have some fun!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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