Anger Over No 10’s Un-British Proposals To Spank Calorie Counts On Beer, Wine And Spirits

Number 10 plans to spank calorie counts on all alcohol served in pubs was today branded un-British and an attempt to nanny the nation.

Documents leaked last night revealed health chiefs want to force larger chains to reveal the number of calories for every beer, wine and spirit ordered in their bars.

The scheme, drawn up by Matt Hancock’s Health Department, could see calories displayed on pump labels and menus at franchises such as Greene King and Fullers.

Critics characterised the proposals as madness and disruptive for pub chains that are already fighting to claw back losses from the pandemic.

The Adam Smith think tank told a news outlet that everyone already knows if you put away a few jars a day you’re likely to get fatter and that the cost is going to fall on businesses who will now need to redo their labelling.

And it seems that the Department of Health has spent the whole time, during COVID on a campaign against food and drink when it should be concentrating on the pandemic, which it’s done a poor job of responding to.

Matt Lambert, CEO of the Portman Group alcohol regulator, told a news outlet that the labelling changes would put a further financial strain on an industry that has been put under relentless pressure by the COVID pandemic.

As part of the proposals, leaked to a news outlet, all alcohol sold in stores could also be legally obliged to publish the same nutritional information.

Health chiefs have proposed including an alcohol warning on every bottle from the chief medical officer Chris Whitty, who has gained a cult following during the pandemic.

As well as details of how fattening the alcohol can be, the plans would additionally see labels include information on the risks of drink driving.

A pint of Guinness contains 210 calories, approximately the same as a KitKat Chunky. A large glass of white wine is slightly more calorific (240), the same as a pack of Starburst sweets.

Matt Lambert, CEO of the Portman Group said that the alcohol industry is committed to giving consumers detailed information to help them make well-informed decisions about drinking and that they welcome the consultation and its aims.

And this will ultimately be dictated by a digital ID on your smartphone and a cashless culture – had too many calories – transaction declined! The Government says no! And bad citizens will be controlled and restricted!

This is a huge problem because the Government will be able to see precisely what we’re consuming through smartphone apps and payment methods – twenty units of alcohol this week – no train tickets or cinema for you! And don’t forget your junk food shops, Pizza, McDonald’s et cetera.

“I’ll have a bottle of Malbec – no hang on, there’s five calories less in the Shiraz”. Sounds absurd, that because it is – a waste of time, effort and money.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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