London Council Is Set To Become The First To Scrap Green Roads

A London council is set to become the first to scrap green roads after a review determined they increased traffic jams, caused more pollution and delayed the emergency services.

A newspaper outlet said that following the review, Harrow Council announced it will tear up three-cycle lanes and scrap four low traffic neighbourhood schemes.

A report, issued by the council’s traffic and road safety advisory panel revealed a great number of residents were opposed to the road changes and supported their removal.

When questioned what they thought of the Honeypot Lane cycle path in Queensbury, more than 90 per cent of respondents said that they would like it to be removed.

Comparable figures were seen for the other schemes in the local region, with 83 per cent calling for the removal of the scheme on Sheepcote Road.

Others, a whopping 87 per cent, also requested for the removal of the cycle lane on Uxbridge Road.

The report revealed there were diverse feelings towards the traffic schemes, with some acknowledging more cycle lanes could lead to more cyclists on the roads and decrease pollution, as well as improve health, but in turn lead to heightened traffic, pollution, delays and travel times.

The move to remove some low traffic areas makes Harrow one of the first councils to take the daring move.

Concluding the damaging findings, the report read that the engagement and consultation over the experimental six month period have highlighted that a preponderance doesn’t agree with the design of the cycle lanes and have shown that they aren’t working for all users.

There remains support from residents and Ward Councillors to retain the 30 mph speed limit introduced as part of the cycle lanes schemes on Honeypot Lane and Uxbridge Road.

Leader of the council Paul Osborne said it was especially apparent that the preponderance of people are against these schemes and it’s been plain from the start, and that even when evidence that the residents were against it became overwhelming, they didn’t listen.

Harrow Council cabinet will give its concluding ruling on April 29 and it’s expected to vote in favour of their removal.

It comes as just a fortnight ago it was revealed congestion has increased by 30 per cent since the coronavirus pandemic and the construction of dozens of makeshift cycleways in London, and more than 60 miles of cycle lanes have been built across London in the past year to encourage people to walk or cycle during the pandemic.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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