Total, Complete, Blood-Boiling Absurdity

Anthony Fauci has been accused of spewing blood boiling garbage and even branded a child abuser after suggesting that children may have to wear face masks outside until the end of the year.

The nation’s top public health authority, who’s been elected Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, made the statements on NBC’s Today show on Wednesday morning.

Asked about how much longer children would have to wear masks in playgrounds, Antony Fauci said that it was going to be a situation where first of all, children would ultimately end up getting vaccinated and that they wanted some movement in that area before they do unmask.

And he said that high school children would likely get vaccinated as they got into the fall term, and children of any age would likely get vaccinated by the time they were at the end of the year.

Anthony Fauci said that there are unvaccinated children now because they can’t get vaccinated and for that reason, they’re more at risk of getting infected because they’re out in the neighbourhood where there’s lots of infection, but that when the community level begins to go way down, the risks to everybody including children will dramatically decrease.

In an interview that left countless watchers with more questions than answers, host Savannah Guthrie tried to get transparency on the new Centres for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) guidelines.

Savannah Guthrie told Anthony Fauci she found the CDC guidelines confusing, calling it a strange situation, and she told him she wasn’t fully vaccinated and recounted a story.

Savannah Guthrie said that she’d walked to pick up her little girl at the bus stop and she took off her mask and waited for her while there was no one else around. She said that her daughter got off the bus with her little mask on and that her daughter had to wear her mask, but Guthrie didn’t have to on the way home.

But Savannah Guthrie seemed to be violating the rules herself because, not being completely vaccinated, she should have been wearing her mask in public, even outdoors.

The pair then further muddied the waters, and Anthony Fauci said that if your child was a member of your household, you could walk outdoors with your child without wearing a mask – he appeared to be violating the guidelines, and he seems to be a bit of a con artist, sacrificing children for profit, and Anthony Fauci flip flops more than a fish out of water, and he appears to have had a taste of fame and now he doesn’t want to give that up.

Of course, they’re still learning how the vaccines will affect the spread of COVID 19, so I guess even after having the vaccine against the virus we should still be taking precautions in public spaces, like wearing a mask, staying six feet away from others, avoiding crowds and badly ventilated areas, and washing our hands frequently, but does this mean that we are actually guinea pigs for a possibly failed experiment? And it seems that Dr Mengele is upset!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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