Plasterer, 57, Who Pulled Van Over To Take Pictures Of Jack Russell

A plasterer who pulled over to take photographs of a Jack Russell because he couldn’t get over how fat it was, was accused of being a dog thief by the animal’s owner on social media.

Dog owner Kyle Bridon put a warning post on Facebook last week after spotting a suspicious van driver taking photos of his canine, Skye, in County Durham.

Kyle Bridon urged other pet owners online to be cautious, writing that he took a photo of the van which he posted so that anyone with dogs could be careful, but the following day Jack Bainbridge spotted the post circulating on social media and realised the van belonged to his father, 57-year-old plasterer Brian Bainbridge.

He explained his father had taken the photo because he couldn’t get over how fat the dog was, adding that he’s a plasterer, not a dog pincher and that if he was going to steal the dog it wouldn’t be that fat lump.

The 26-year-old posted a snap of his father’s photo of Skye on Facebook on Friday.

Mr Bainbridge, from Winning in County Durham, said that just to get things straight. That was the dog his dad took a photo of, and some dope spotted it and chose to take photographs of his dad’s van and post it all over Facebook, telling everyone to watch their dogs, basically going around saying he was stealing dogs.

The post garnered more than 84,000 likes, 49,000 shares and 43 comments, and Darren Roberts wrote that you’d need a flipping crane and a large rig to steal that thing, not a transit van.

Emily Blaylock commented that you can’t even take a photograph of a chubby dog these days.

Kyle’s initial warning post about dog nappers read that he was standing outside Sainsbury’s talking and that when he turned around to go home he noticed this fella in a van taking photographs.

Mr Bainbridge, who works for his father’s plastering company, added that he found out the night before, so the next day he asked his dad about it. His dad showed him the dog and he said he was in stitches, so he had to put a post up to clear his dad’s name, and he had a feeling it might end up going viral.

And how awful is it to see a dog that fat – the owners are killing it with what they think is kindness, and they need guidance to get the dog slim.

Generally, people steal dogs to sell, but nobody would want to buy this poor mite because it’s obvious how high the vet bills would be. Perhaps somebody should steal the pooch and hand the canine into the RSPCA because he clearly isn’t being taken care of, and they would need a forklift to lift it if they did.

And a seriously overweight dog isn’t funny in the slightest and hopefully, it’s not in any discomfort, and this guy was hardly a dognapper with the company name emblazoned on every panel – a bit of a giveaway.

Kyle Bridon should be ashamed of himself for inferring that a perfectly law-abiding citizen was a thief, and what he should be ashamed of is letting his poor pooch get into such a state, and it’s time he looked at the diet food available, and had a word with his vet to see how best to help the poor animal.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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