Footage Of A Street Brawl Between Two Men Brandishing Weapons Shared On Social Media

Footage has been publicly broadcasting on several social media platforms. The incident took place in Bartholomew Road in Morecambe at about 3.15 pm.

The two men aged 31 and 26, and both from Morecombe, have since been arrested on suspicion of assault.

One of them was apprehended in the immediate area soon after the police arrived, and one in Preston later on in the day.

An inquiry is now underway and enquiries ongoing.

Sergeant James Pinder, of Lancashire Police, said that they’ve started an inquiry following a serious attack involving two men and that the incident had been recorded and uploaded to social media, and that for evidential purposes, he urged people not to share it further at this time.

He said that two men had been arrested by police in connection with the incident, and that they knew more people were in the area at the time of the attack, and that he would urge witnesses to contact them.

And he continued that this would have caused concern in Morecombe but incidents of this nature were rare and that they wanted to reassure residents that patrols had been increased in the region.

The video footage showed two men in the street, one with a machete. The other man then began running back to a vehicle, where people stood, and as the man ran back to the vehicle he began taking off his vest, soaked in blood, and he took a long knife off another person.

Each was now wielding huge machetes as they started attacking each other as people screamed in the background.

As one of the men struck the other, the machete broke away and fell from the other guy’s hand and he started to run away from the person with the knife, but he ran after him, striking him multiple times with the machete.

Eventually, the machete was dropped and they both fought on the ground for a while, as the man without the vest, struck the other person in the face numerous times, and then another person came running up to them, booting the person on the ground in the head many times.

One of the men later shared grisly photos of his injuries, including a deep gash to his neck.

The two men swung the machete’s at each other, the blades measuring approximately 18 inches in length, as spectators urged them to put the weapons down and others encouraged them.

At the start of the distressing video, one of the men, wearing a black vest top, had a deep gash near his ear and his neck was drenched in blood.

The second man appears to have suffered at least one slash wound during the fight and seen bloodied towards the end of the footage.

The minute-long clip begins with the men exchanging insults in the street as the man wearing the hoodie swings a machete.

The man in the black vest asks: “Where’s my thing at?”

The other man responds: “Go get your thing”.

And as the machete-wielding men square off in the street, a woman shrieks “please don’t” and another woman yells as the pair begin to swing at each other.

The machetes clash against each other, and the shirtless man loses his blade as he swings at the other man.

The other man, with his machete raised in the air, chases the shirtless man as he says” “Oh, you’ve had it now, boy. You’ve had it now”.

And a woman begs ‘don’t’ as the shirtless man scoops his machete off the ground.

This was a terrifying attack and I’d actually thought that humans had evolved to be civilised, and with some high intelligence, but it appears that men are behaving like animals, and I’m sure that if animals could protest, they would sue us humans for slander.

And people that behave like animals are normally called mentally ill, and these two men were definitely behaving like animals – isn’t it lucky they don’t walk on four legs?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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