Ivanka Trump’s Mother’s Day almost ended in disaster when she took her three children for a private surfing lesson in Miami and ended up hitting her youngest son Theodore in the face with her board.

The 39-year-old was seen hitting the waves with her three children, Arabella, nine, Joseph, seven, and Theo, five, on Sunday. However, it was far from smooth sailing for the former First Daughter, who suffered several tumbles during the session, as well as a scary encounter with her younger son.

Thankfully, the youngster seemed unharmed, and proud mum Ivanka was later seen waving her hands, clapping, and flashing a thumbs up while watching her children conquering the ocean on their boards, all while under the vigilant eye of numerous instructors.

Ivanka certainly looked the part when she made her way into the sea at the start of her surf lesson, wearing skintight black leggings, a black vest, and a long-sleeved blue T-shirt with the words South Beach Surf Club plastered on the front.

She was accompanied by a bewhiskered surf instructor as she pulled her white and blue board down to the water, before attempting to catch some waves, and in some exclusive photographs obtained by a news outlet, the mother of three was seen actively embracing the old expression ‘if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again’, hauling herself up on her board again and again, even after being battered by several waves.

One sequence of photos shows Ivanka losing control and tumbling over, while her loose board tilted towards her youngest child Theo, who appears to have taken a whack to the face.

Ivanka looked terrified at her mistake and was seen grimacing as her board headed towards her poor son, her arms up by her sides in an obvious endeavour to slow herself down, while their instructor looked on open-mouthed.

Fortunately, the accidental hit didn’t look like it impeded anyone’s spirits, and later the proud mum was pictured climbing back onto her board once again, while Theo was seen happily floating face down on his board alongside an instructor and his siblings.

Ivanka also took several whacks herself, and one snap captured her being almost completely engulfed by a wave while attempting to stand up on her board, while others show her with her arms outstretched, attempting to support her balance before falling into the water.

Ivanka certainly didn’t mean to hit her son in the face with a surfboard, and she unquestionably didn’t do it on purpose, as I’m sure people might imply, and everyone has accidents, so I’m not sure why this one gets an enormous header.

And I would be mortified if I had paparazzi taking photographs of everything that I did, but it did look like an excellent Mother’s Day fun in the sun, with some great pictures taken as well, but news outlets shouldn’t wrongly infer that there was any wrongdoing on Ivanka’s part. She didn’t know how to control the board and it got away from her – end of story.

Enough is enough and the paparazzi should let the family be and allow the children to grow up in privacy. The problem is, one of the numerous disadvantages of fame is these people can’t spend any special time alone with their family.

It was actually nice to see them playing as a family, just looking like any other family, learning something different, and whatever political side you’re on, she seems like a great mum.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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