‘Don’t Take Me, Take Melania, Take Ivanka!’

Michael Cohen said on Wednesday he expects former President Donald Trump to flip on his own family, as the Trump Organisation faces a criminal inquiry and its CFO Allen Weisselberg is being investigated for tax fraud.

He told Joy Reid that he thought Donald Trump was going to flip on all of them, including his children, and he revealed that he believed that Donald Trump cares for only himself, and he realises that his goose is cooked, so when he’s questioned about the Trump Organisation’s finances he will blame everyone else.

‘It wasn’t Donald Trump who had the affair,’ he continued. ‘It wasn’t Donald Trump who directed me to make the payments to Stormy Daniels. It wasn’t Donald Trump who got the benefit of the relationship and the actions. It was Michael Cohen. And I’m the bad guy into it. Why? Because I didn’t take the fall.’

So, he said, when all of a sudden they turn around and start questioning him about his tax returns or about the devaluation of the assets or the way he took deductions, he will say that he didn’t do his taxes, it was his accountant.

Michael Cohen said, visibly shocking The ReidOut host that he’s going to turn on his accountant and point the finger. He’s going to say that Don Jr handled that, and that Ivanka handled that, and Melania, and that they shouldn’t take him, they should take Melania, and that he’s going to tell them to take everyone except for himself.

Donald Trump’s organisation is facing criminal inquiries from both state and New York City prosecutors.

The State Attorney General’s Office is looking into the Trump Organisation CFO Allen Weisselberg’s personal finances, while prosecutors in the district attorney’s office are investigating Weisselberg’s position at the Trump Organisation, his personal finances, and benefits he gave his son Barry, a long time employee at the Trump Organisation.

According to CNN, prosecutors are expecting to find leverage that could sway Weisselberg into cooperating with authorities, possibly raising the legal stakes for Donald Trump and his family.

He’s not been implicated in any wrongdoing, but on Tuesday, the state district attorney’s office’s announced that it was joining the Manhattan DA’s criminal investigation into the Trump Organisation and has notified the company that its inquiry is no longer solely civil.

The Attorney General’s Office, led by Cyrus Vance, has been investigating possible criminal tax fraud since 2018.

The organisation is run by Weisselberg and Trump’s adult children, including Ivanka, Donald Jr and Eric.

Donald Trump is a guy that would throw his own mother under the bus to save his own skin, and when it comes to Trump’s skin, no one around him is safe, and a lifetime of criminality will catch up with you eventually, even if you’re a rich boy from New York.

I can’t decide whether Donald Trump should go to prison or not, although it would be comical to see him in an orange jumpsuit. Of course, Donald Trump will seemingly walk away from this like he’s a star, and if he doesn’t go to jail then it will give people great pleasure watching him deteriorate while hiding inside his golf resorts, thinking he’s still president, surrounded by people paid to pretend they like him.

But it’s the same old stuff they say every time they go after Donald Trump – he’s no longer in office. Meanwhile, there’s a weak, old man running the US, but let’s distracts people with Trump.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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