Pro-Palestinian Mob Throw Fireworks

Two fireworks were launched into a crowd of demonstrators near Times Square, as pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian protests descended into violence.

An NYPD spokesperson told a news outlet that the devices that were launched on Thursday evening were so loud that it was initially thought to be a smoke bomb.

The NYPD later explained that the devices were commercially bought fireworks, launched from a vehicle.

One person has minor burns from the fireworks, and the Arson Investigation Squad and the Midtown North Detective Squad are investigating.

A news outlet reported that at least 19 people were arrested, amid skirmishes between the two sides.

Footage on social media showed rebels from both sides endeavouring to steal the other’s flag. The unrest seems to have been caused by children who egged on by their parents grabbed rival groups flags.

One pro-Israel protester was hit in the abdomen when he struggled to recover his flag, and a pro-Palestinian protestor was seen in handcuffs after he tried to get his flag back.

New York police said it was too early to tell who’d thrown the fireworks.

However, on social media, some alleged it was thrown by pro-Palestinian activists towards a group of pro-Israeli demonstrators, and one bystander said that a group of Palestinians came and tossed explosives at the Jews.

Earlier, furious clashes had exploded in Times Square between both sides.

Pro-Palestinian agitators set an Israel flag on fire, mocking their rivals.

Green smoke was let off, and the air was thick with acrid chemicals.

The NYPD brought in barricades to try and separate the two sides. Neither appeared to be willing to back down, and numerous people were seen handcuffed.

NYPD swarmed the area, and the demonstrations were disbanded by 7.30 pm.

The unrest came soon after Joe Biden told the nation that a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian group which controls Gaza, had been agreed upon.

Joe Biden said that the hostilities had resulted in the tragic losses of so many noncombatants, including children, and that he was sending his sincere sympathies to all the families, Israeli and Palestinian, who’d lost loved ones, and hoped for a full recovery for the wounded.

Earlier, a statement from the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his Security Cabinet unilaterally approved the Egyptian mediated proposal.

Joe Biden said the Egyptians played a crucial part in the ceasefire.

But whatever way you look at it, the world would be better off without religion because religion literally makes people more violent and more stupid.

Religion is the great divider, and in part, it’s what creates hate by creating artificial differences between people.

But it’s become the norm to take to the streets to yell at each other and create mayhem and destruction, and idiots will use absolutely any excuse for violence.

Fighting in the streets of America doesn’t benefit anyone in any way, it simply causes more division and hostility.

We’re finally able to leave our homes and have some normalcy, but no, let’s just fight each other, and besides, they shouldn’t be bringing the war to America, if they want to fight, they should go there to fight.

Both nations, Israel and Palestine need to stop hurting each other, particularly people who don’t want this, and they’re killing people who are just trying to make a life for themselves, but others believe the world needs to stop the both of them – so take away their weaponry, so that the two nations can live in peace.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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