SAGE Experts Call For June 21 Freedom Day To Be Postponed

SAGE advisers have asked for June 21 Freedom Day to be suspended for several weeks amid growing cases of the Indian variant.

Professor Susan Michie, who sits on the SPI-B subgroup, sounded the alarm, warning Britain was perched on a knife-edge because infections had risen 40 per cent in only seven days, jeopardising plans to abandon all social distancing.

She told Sky News that either it could run away as it did before Christmas, which would be extremely dangerous and we’d have more restrictions, or it could be contained.

Cambridge microbiologist Professor Ravi Gupta echoed her calls, urging ministers to delay plans to ditch the last burdensome restrictions by several weeks.

The scientist, who sits on the powerful NERVTAG committee, said cases, which broke through 4,000 on Friday for the first time in nearly two months, could become pretty dangerous over the next few months.

He added high vaccine coverage meant the third wave would possibly take longer to spiral out of control than earlier waves, but he described this as a false sense of security, saying it was inevitable hospitalisations and mortality rates would eventually start to escalate.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said the Government couldn’t rule anything out, when asked if June 21 Freedom Day could be pushed back, and vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi revealed a stay was possible.

Boris Johnson’s roadmap is set to see the remaining restrictions, including burdensome face masks and social distancing relaxed on June 21 Freedom Day, but Government experts have hinted the possibility of this going ahead now is 50-50 because of growing case numbers.

Ministers are not set to make a definitive decision on whether to go forward with the last stage until June 14, but reports suggest contingency plans for a delay are now being prepared.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly pledged he will be driven by data, not dates, and said his easing roadmaps will be irreversible.

Some 39.2 million Britons have received at least one shot of the COVID vaccine, the Department of Health said, or more than three in five adults, and Government sources say they’re on track to offer a second dose to all over 50s by June 21.

Professor Gupta asked for lockdown easings to be delayed while speaking in a personal capacity on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, and he stated that he believed the problem was that we were not too far from reaching the kind of levels of vaccination that would help contain the virus.

However, is that because the experts are just concerned that they won’t be in the news anymore and that they will end up being irrelevant? And this sort of power that the Government has found and used must be intoxicating, and the inebriated aren’t likely to give up very easily.

And is there an Indian variant at all because every time we’re about to have some freedom, the Government and its experts seem to come up with another variant, so is there really an Indian variant, or are we being deceived big time by the globalists?

We need for this lockdown to end, not just for our freedom but because people would like to see a doctor or a dentist face to face, and not a quickie over the telephone. After all, we’ve paid into a system all our lives for that, and we’re not getting what we paid for.

And if these vaccines are giving people a false sense of security, then what’s the purpose of having a vaccine? It’s just called the process of twisting the knife slowly.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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