Chinese Military Scientist Registered A License For A COVID-19 Vaccine

A Chinese military scientist with links to the United States reportedly filed a patent for a COVID 19 vaccine well before the virus was declared a global pandemic.

According to a news outlet, Yusen Zhou, who worked for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), lodged the paperwork on behalf of the Chinese political party on February 24 2020.

The date was just five weeks after China first confirmed human transmission of the coronavirus.

Yusen Zhou is also said to have worked closely with scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), including Shi Zhengli, the deputy director of the laboratory who’s renowned for her research on coronavirus in bats.

Their involvement is expected to strengthen speculation that the virus leaked from the laboratory and that China was aware that it was spreading between humans long before they informed the international community.

Yusen Zhou mysteriously died less than three months after he filed the patent, and a news outlet declared that his death was only reported in one Chinese media report, despite the fact he was one of the country’s most notable scientists.

The newspaper reported that Yusen Zhou had previously worked on research linked to the US institutions, including the University of Minnesota and the New York Blood Centre, and in recent weeks, several of the world’s top scientists have pushed to determine whether the virus was leaked from the WIV.

The laboratory leak theory was originally rejected by many in the media and academic communities, but US President Joe Biden last week ordered intelligence agencies to launch an inquiry into whether COVID was man-made after all.

More than a dozen national Labs managed by the Department of Energy have been ordered to assist the intelligence community in a 90-day sprint to examine the source of the virus.

A White House official told CNN that the labs had been tapped because of their ability to crunch huge amounts of data with their advanced supercomputers, and the White House official told CNN that they wanted the science to be a huge part of that and that they were going to use the full resources of their intelligence and scientific community to try to get to the bottom of it.

Joe Biden is also urging US intelligence agencies and those of allies to hunt for new information that could shed light on whether China covered up the laboratory leak, and this is not looking good for China, and maybe the conspiracy theorist may have been onto something after all, and let’s face it, it’s the conspiracy theorist that’s simply the first one to put the puzzle together – it doesn’t hurt or harm when asking others to think outside the box.

Zhou died in inexplicable circumstances in May 2020, less than three months after filing the patent – of course, he did, and I wonder how many others died in questionable circumstances, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that this was all done to plan, but nothing will be done about it – Joe Biden doesn’t have the sand and no other country has the guts, and this is sounding more and more like a crime against humanity.

And it was suspected that the virus was designed for population control, to eliminate the weak and vulnerable, and if this was the case, the entire thing is sickening and a complete cover-up.

And for someone to have filed a copyright of a virus vaccine before the COVID virus was ruled a pandemic, indicates that they knew something terrible was about to happen, and this sort of thing should frighten people to death because it would then lead us to believe that the virus did escape from Wuhan.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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