A Pregnant Woman Who Throws Up Multiple Times A Day

A pregnant woman who throws up many times a day due to morning sickness has revealed how her neighbour threatened to report her loud puking to management, before asking her to run water or play music to neutralise the noise.

Posting anonymously on Reddit, the woman, who lives in an apartment building thought to be in America, told how her resident wanted to make a formal complaint about her vomiting.

Writing on the Am I Being an Asshole thread, the mother to be explained that on some days she throws up multiple times a day, adding that the walls in her apartment are so thin she can sometimes hear the next-door neighbours conversations, and it wasn’t long before startled forum users took to the comments section to condemn the neighbour for being so indifferent.

The neighbour is going to talk to the management, what does she think will come of that? What does the neighbour want her to work a vomiting schedule, or does she think that management might know a way of getting rid of her morning sickness?

In the initial post, the woman in question explained that her neighbour tapped on her door and said she could hear her loud puking all the time and that she has a gag reflex when she hears people throwing up, and she said that she’d almost thrown up after hearing her.

The woman added that the resident demanded she turn on her bathroom fan, plays music or runs water before she was sick.

She continued that she’s in her first trimester and hasn’t even told her family that she’s pregnant yet, so she didn’t want to share with her neighbour, but that it seemed as if she was implying that she was intentionally making herself puke, so she felt like she had to explain.

She told her neighbour that she was sorry to have disturbed her, that she had morning sickness and would attempt to turn her fan on before she got sick.

She also told her neighbour that her vomiting could come on suddenly, so no guarantees, but her neighbour didn’t appear satisfied with this, but said okay and left.

The mother-to-be went on to say she’d been trying to keep the noise down and turning her fan on, but added it had been stressful, and despite her best efforts, the neighbour was still unsatisfied and complained once again.

Imagine how miserable she’ll be with a newborn that cries all day and night and then a toddler who stomps about because vomiting noises are nothing compared to that, but sadly, when you move into an apartment, you really do have to cope with the sounds that are around you, and if you don’t want the noise, don’t move into an apartment.

And perhaps the complaining woman should just hang out with the pregnant lady in her bathroom so she can do her gag reflex as well. It’s not the poor woman is really responsible for throwing up, and it’s not like somehow a person can extinguish an autonomous reflex in some way.

And really, it’s just criminal to build apartments that allow you to hear a conversation – this is not satisfactory housing and the building management along with the builders should be held accountable.

This is a lack of compassion and whether a person has experienced morning sickness or not, that person should have some empathy for the person that is going through this temporarily, which is a pretty tough time during pregnancy – sometimes it’s just nice to hold your tongue, which this neighbour couldn’t do, and likes to hear the sound of her voice above the puking.

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