Joe Biden’s New Domestic Terror Strategy

A professor of political science has declared that President Joe Biden’s new strategy to counter domestic terrorism could be used to silence administration critics.

Nicholas Giordano, a professor at Suffolk Community College on Long Island, raised his concerns about the new National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism in an interview with Fox News on Friday.

Earlier this week, Attorney General Merrick Garland unveiled the new 32-page strategy document, which came in response to an order issued by Joe Biden on his first full day in office, calling domestic terrorism the most urgent terrorism threat the United States faces today.

In a statement attached to the document, Joe Biden declared that the new strategy was narrowly tailored to focus specifically on addressing violence while preserving free speech, but Giordano raised his concerns about the wording of the strategy, describing it overly broad and dangerous and ripe for exploitation and targeting any political opposition.

Giordano told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that this was one of the most troubling documents he had ever read, authored by government officials.

Giordano noted that the document lists racism and anti-government extremism as the fundamental factors driving domestic terrorism, but claimed that the document poorly describes the terms.

He said that they never truly define racism except for white supremacy, of course, and the superiority of the white race and that these were the very people that believe racism is inherent, and that you’re born with it.

And Giordano argued, referring to the belief amongst some on the left that all white people were racist, and that if racism was inherent, then are we born domestic terrorists?

The strategy document calls for prioritising efforts to ensure that every element of the government has a part to play in rooting out racism and advancing equality for underserved communities.

Giordano raised a second concern that the label anti-government extremism could be applied to anyone who disagrees with government policy.

He said that if you call for a small, limited government and you criticise the government in any way, you’re going to be regarded as someone with anti-government views.

He said that if you look at the coronavirus and question the mandates that came out as unconstitutional, well then, you’re labelled as anti-authority, and he argued that we have these big terms that are being used and it really could encompass anything.

But anti-government sentiments, well that does have an impressive ring to it, and resistance is futile – you will be assimilated into the collective, and life as it was is now over, and they will protect free speech and target extremism, and by extremism, they mean anything that we say that they don’t like.

And it seems like there’s zero hope for the US because half of the US is completely out of touch with reality, and the great reset, and ultimately federal force will take over, and they want complete control and compliance of the people – much like slave owners, and America is sleepwalking into a one-party dictatorship, and even a first grader can see what’s going on here.

Joe Biden is a walking corpse, and no one really appears to know exactly who’s in charge, and he certainly doesn’t seem to have a backbone, and not many people give a damn about what he says or believes, and either free speech is for everyone or it isn’t free speech.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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