Smartwatch Data That Shows How Greek Pilot Killed Caroline Crouch

Data taken from murdered British mother Caroline Crouch’s smartwatch revealed her pulse soared 50 per cent at 4.05 am as her husband suffocated her with a pillow.

Babis Anagnostopoulos, 33, admitted killing 20-year-old Caroline Crouch in a fit of rage after she threatened to divorce him and take their baby daughter Lydia with her.

A doctor told a coroner during the inquest into her death that Caroline Crouch died in pain as Babis smothered her with a pillow for five minutes.

Babis said he panicked when he saw she was dead and once he realised hiding her body wasn’t an option, he staged a fake burglary because he wanted to raise their daughter out of jail.

Data from Caroline Crouch’s smartwatch thwarted Babi’s deceit, as it revealed she died hours before she was supposedly killed by robbers. Now it’s been determined she was suffocated for five minutes after she was attacked while she was sleeping.

The coroner’s report stated according to Greek media site Amna that at 3.58 am, a few minutes before her pulse abruptly increased at 4.05 am, the mother of one’s heart rate indicated a person who was fast asleep.

Doctors said that at 04.05 her pulse rose abruptly by 50 per cent up from a state of sleep and that it was believed at that time the person was in an extreme state of mental or physical stress. They concluded the death process took place from 04.05 am to 4.11 am.

It was previously reported that black belt kickboxer Caroline Crouch fought her husband before she died.

In police interviews, Babis maintained the British mother was aggressive, telling police that they couldn’t imagine his love for this girl, and he claimed that Caroline threw the child in the crib and hit him, causing him to lose his temper on the night she was killed.

Harrowing diary entries made by Caroline, which form part of a 26-page police file, paint a picture of a violent and troubled marriage, with her promising to leave him at several points.

Greek media reports said that Babis also told police he killed the couple’s dog to make the robbery ruse more believable because no one would have thought that he could hurt a dog.

Neighbours recalled hearing the animal, a seven-month-old husky puppy, crying at the time, but not barking, which alarmed them.

It’s astounding how a smartwatch can come in so handy when finding a criminal. Perhaps the watch company may use this incident in their next advert.

However, this was a cold-blooded, premeditated, planned murder, and now the poor child has no mother, and when he did decide to come clean about it with the police, he still wasn’t exactly truthful and tried to say he killed her accidentally during self-defence. He didn’t, he killed her in her sleep, the smartwatch and the fact he disabled the CCTV shows that it was intentional.

But envision a future where all information is digitally tracked and linked to ID – things like this will be routine for investigations, but why not, science and technology caught this killer out, and it’s a good job that the police took the time to look at the smartwatch and the monsters phone so thoroughly.

And perhaps this man might not have been caught out if this evidence hadn’t existed, and he wouldn’t have confessed, and the police would have still been chasing a band of criminals who didn’t exist, and we should be pleased just once that tech got one over on the bad guy.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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