A Priest Tosses Acid Over Seven Greek Orthodox Church Bishops

A priest attacked seven bishops from the Greek Orthodox Church by dousing them with acid during his disciplinary hearing for alleged drug trafficking.

The priest, who’s been named by local media as Theofylaktos Komvos, 37, poured the caustic liquid over the senior members of the church during a meeting at the Petraki Monastery in Athens on Wednesday.

The seven bishops, who were considering removing the priest, sustained injuries on their faces and hands in a meeting that plunged into a bloodbath, before being rushed to hospital.

A police officer who helped restrain the suspect was also wounded in the attack, as were a lawyer and a presiding clergyman – all three were also hospitalised.

Theofylaktos Komvos, who was facing the disciplinary hearing for supposedly being involved in drug trafficking, was arrested uninjured and detained for questioning.

A witness of the attack said he froze when he saw blood and heard screams, describing the scene as a bloodbath.

One bishop who was wounded in the attack described how he felt his eyes burning after Theofylaktos Komvos poured the acid on them.

A newspaper out reported that the police said it was not immediately obvious what liquid was used, but the priest had reportedly brought a large bottle of corrosive liquid to the meeting.

Reports said that the bishops had been meeting to consider stripping the suspect of his priesthood after he was supposedly found with 1.8 grams of cocaine in June 2018 which he’d hidden near his genitals.

It was during the pronouncement of the verdict that the priest took out the bottle and tossed it over the bishops.

George Tzikas, a former defence lawyer for the priest who was at the hearing, told ANT1 that they didn’t expect it, he opened a bag, took out bottles and started pouring it over the bishops.

He said that at first he believed it was water, but the place was full of blood and that he couldn’t handle it, it was mad.

He said that luckily, there was a policeman inside and he continued that the priest was unable to empty the bottles.

He said that it was like a bloodbath and that he froze when he saw the blood and heard the screams.

Bishop Artis Kallinikos, who was a victim of the attack, told Mega TV that he now has burns on his face.

This is just a despicable man and he’s no priest. Acid is a terrifying, destructive weapon, and this man is the devil in disguise, and hopefully, he will get a pretty long sentence, but sadly psychopathic rage walks amongst us all the time.

And this is faith, even though we should respect each other, no matter what disagreements we have, but it appears that all faiths seem to do is war against us, and anyone that can do that was never a good man, regardless of faith, but this is the sign of the times we live in, and religion can be so close to madness, and this is religion showing how immoral it is, yet again.

And we shouldn’t need imaginary friends to live a fulfilled life, unlike millions of poor brainwashed sheeple, and these priests are nothing more than pathetic antiquated men, and why was he having a disciplinary hearing with priests for drug trafficking, should he have not been arrested?

And religion is the biggest excuse for war over human history, and the biggest reason for intolerance of others.

It alienates people, and it’s also the most used excuse for inhumane acts of violence and is the biggest con in history, and still, people fall for it all the time.

You can call me naive, but the church revels in gold and jewels whilst the preponderance of people go hungry, but they still encourage you to donate to them, because you know, God loves you more if you give him money!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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