Cheating Aide Gina Coladangelo Quits £15,000 Department of Health Board Position

Matt Hancock’s mistress Gina Coladangelo is stepping down from her £15,000 position at the Department of Health after footage of the pair’s romance was brought to light.

The married mother of three Gina Coladangelo, 43, was discovered locking lips with former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, 42, in leaked CCTV footage from May 6.

Matt Hancock had hired her as a health aide in September as a non-executive director at the Department of Health but the couple has both left in disgrace after they were observed caressing each other and breaking social distancing rules they imposed on the British people.

Gina Colandangelo’s departure came just hours after Matt Hancock declared he was stepping down from his position as Health Secretary after tension arose from the public and other MPs for breaking social distancing rules that he helped to create.

The pair’s kissing session was captured on CCTV a year to the day after Matt Hancock went on TV to expose an epidemiologist for having an affair and breaking lockdown rules.

Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist who helped to shape the government’s response to coronavirus and instigated a lockdown, was caught last year having an affair and breaking social distancing rules he’d helped to create, in a comparable manner to Matt Hancock.

And Matt Hancock told Sky News that he backed the police and that they would make their decisions independently from ministers, and that was quite right, and that it had always been like that, and that he would give them their space to make that decision, and that he took the right decision to quit.

Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo became friends at Oxford and have been close ever since.

A close friend of Matt Hancock said that they were in love and that it was serious, but the friend insisted that the affair all started in May, and that might not be so easily believed.

It’s come to light that the former Health Secretary told his wife, Martha, he would be leaving her on Thursday night, shortly after learning that his romance with Gina Coladangelo was about to be laid bare.

According to a news outlet, Martha was oblivious of the affair until the footage was brought to light, and he reportedly even woke up the couple’s youngest child, aged eight, to break the news he was leaving.

And who takes a 15K job unless there are other perks to be had? But of course, we all know what those perks were, and she was married to a multi-millionaire, so she didn’t need the money, so presumably just took the job so she could have her wicked way with Matt Hancock because she felt like it.

Matt Hancock hasn’t just left his wife, he’s left his children as well, but is that worth it for a piece of skirt? And will both Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo live to regret this?

All I can imagine is that Gina Coladangelo must be sensational in the sack for Matt Hancock to have jeopardised his marriage and children and to have given up so much. And certainly looks wise and bank balance-wise, Gina seems to have it all, but will she still be interested in Matt Hancock now that he’s lost his powerful position? Although I’m sure Matt Hancock has made his millions, and his salary was just chicken feed.

But I don’t think they thought they would get caught, not for one minute because the elites always believe that they’re above everyone else.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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