Holocaust Survivor Landlord Blasts Squatter

A Holocaust survivor who returned to the Hamptons from Israel to discover her tenant refusing to leave her home has claimed the tenant damaged her furniture and left heaps of trash to decompose outside.

Genya Markon, 78, spends the winters in Israel and the summers at her $675,000 home in Hampton Bays, which has been in her family since it was bought by her parents in 1967, but Genya Markon said she flew home to the Hamptons only to discover her renter, Julie Rinke, still there and the place covered in garbage.

She’s since filed a suit seeking to force Julie Rinke out of the home and accusing her of falsely claiming to be protected under New York’s coronavirus related prohibition on evictions, and a newspaper outlet shows photos of Julie Rinke arriving at the home on Friday, almost a month after the lease she signed in July 2020 ended.

Genya Markon said Julie Rinke begged her to sign another lease so she could return after the summer, but still never left. Instead, Genya Markon and Julie Rinke signed a pandemic hardship application saying she didn’t have the funds to find another home.

Genya Markon said that was of no interest to her at that point because it was her house, and that she’d travelled 6,000 miles, and she wanted to spend her summer there.

Genya Markon said she’d gone without renting the home during the winters for 10 years because she was cautious about possible renters, and she said that she didn’t know who would want to live in Hampton Bays in the winter, but then she discovered there were real estate agents who dealt with winter rentals.

She said that she rented to this woman, Julie Rinke, who introduced herself as an interior decorator, and she had two daughters who were in college, one a freshman and one a sophomore.

Genya Markon ultimately rented the home out to Julie Rinke in July 2019 and the lease was to expire on June 18, 2020, at the climax of the coronavirus pandemic.

The landlord couldn’t return from Israel because there were no aircraft and nobody was travelling, so she chose to renew Julie Rinke’s lease for another full year from July 1, 2020, to June 18, 2021, but then Genya Markon said she began to see signs of trouble as Julie Rinke supposedly used the pandemic in an attempt to convince her not to return home.

Of course, this is a civil matter, and if the police are telling one party (the property owner) they have to go to civil court, they will just tell the other party (the renter) the same thing, but Genya Markon owns the house, yet can’t go back to it, and her deadbeat squatter is now acting as if she owns it, and this is wrong on so many levels, and it seems like Julie Rinke has hit the lotto with free rent in the Hampton Bay.

And certainly don’t invite anyone to spend the night at your home because once you ask them inside they can become squatters, well, they can in some states of the US, but Julie Rinke has just destroyed her reputation, and no one will rent to her now because they won’t want to go through the melodrama that Genya Markon did.

And at some point, the squatter must find this quite exhausting, and she had lots of time to get another rental, but of course, by this time all of her friends must have realised that she didn’t have any money – the problem is people living like they’re loaded when they’re not.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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