Shamed Police Officer’s Harangue On An Innocent Man

Police have released the bodycam footage of a discredited police officer who was imprisoned for his attempt to cover up an attack on an innocent man.

Darren McIntyre, 47, was condemned to 19 months behind bars after he assaulted a man during a welfare check at a property in Ainsdale, Merseyside.

Judge David Aubrey, QC, slammed the PC, who later tried to cover up the crime, for acting with pure hostility and abuse of the powers bestowed upon him.

The judge jailed Darren McIntyre, of Derwent Avenue in Southport, to four months in prison for assault and 15 months in jail for perverting the course of justice.

Merseyside Police have now released video footage of Darren McIntyre’ and another police officers bodycams just moments before he repeatedly punched Mark Bamber.

Darren McIntyre’s attack unfolded after he and three co-workers visited a home for a welfare check in Ainsdale in the early hours of June 19, 2019.

In the footage, Darren McIntyre, who’s served as a PC for more than two decades, can be seen in the face of Mark Bamber and can be heard saying: ‘And what if I am getting in yours?’

Mark Bamber then says: ‘You’re getting in my face now.’

To which Darren McIntyre aggressively replies: ‘Am I? ‘You best wind your fg neck in. The next time you obstruct me doing my job I’ll put you in the fg car and put you in a cell.’

The disgraced policeman then forcibly grabs Mark Bamber by the arm and shoves him against the wall.

He’d been called to the Ainsdale home with three co-workers by paramedics attempting to carry out a welfare check on Mark Bamber’s partner.

During the incident, the 47-year-old flew into a frenzy and subjected the victim to an unprovoked attack.

According to Judge Aubrey, who oversaw their case. Two of his co-workers turned off their body-worn cameras during the attack and all four present provided accounts that did not live in the same world, breathe the same air as to that which transpired.

The four were exposed through an investigation by Merseyside Police’s Professional Standards Department, leading to their trial earlier this year.

The claims of the officers included that Mark Bamber was intoxicated, aggressive and had tried to headbutt Darren McIntyre, but those allegations were rejected by Judge Aubrey, who said he was happy that Mark Bamber hadn’t been aggressive and didn’t display any brutality.

Luckily, this judge saw through all the lies, but it’s not always the situation, and if it had been the other way round, the victim would have got a much longer sentence for attacking a police officer.

Perhaps they all think they’re TV stars now and are all above the law?

And body cams are just a waste of time because the police can selectively turn them on and off at will, and this seems to be representative of PC plod now, probably on a sugar rush after their doughnut break, and then they question why the public has no regard for the police.

Do they not vet these people before they’re taken on or do they intentionally select reprobates? Or are these just typical bullying police that takes the view that if you’re not one of them, then you’re against them?

Which in effect makes them the biggest organised gang in the country, and the police believe that they starring in their own movie.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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