Man Is Branded Ridiculous

A man has been branded ridiculous for threatening to report his female neighbour for anti-social behaviour for sunbathing in a bikini in the communal garden.

The 29-year-old male resident, who lives in the United Kingdom, took to Reddit and explained how her lying half-naked outside the apartment looked tacky and said that it might result in the apartments losing their value.

Furious about the situation at hand, he went on to ask forum users whether he’d been unreasonable for telling the woman that the garden, which she believed was communal but he said was merely ornamental, wasn’t to be used in this way.

However, it wasn’t long before people leapt to the woman’s defence, with one writing that taking a photograph of a woman in a bikini and sharing it was more anti-social than sunbathing where she lived.

In the initial post, the man wrote that they’d been experiencing a heatwave for the last four days, and he’d noticed a woman sunbathing on the lawn.

He said that she brought a blanket and a book and was out there for hours, reading in a bikini top and shorts and that on the first day, he asked her if she lived in the building and she said that she did, having recently moved in.

He said that later on, he saw her access the building with keys so he didn’t think that she was lying, but that she was out there from 10 am till 4 pm. He continued that he saw her again and let her know that the gardens weren’t to be used in that way.

The man, who said the grounds were extensive and maintained, went on to explain that in his two years of living there, he’d never once seen anyone use the grounds as if was their own personal space.

He chose to take the matter one step further by taking a photo of the woman in her bikini from his apartment window, before posting it in the local WhatsApp group to remind others to call out this anti-social behaviour.

However, he explained the move proved controversial, adding that some residents agreed but others said he was being weird.

To make matters worse, the woman in question was also added into the group chat, leading her to respond that she wasn’t going to stay inside in 30c heat when she has green space right outside.

This man needs to get a life of his own.

The woman was only sunbathing, and it’s not as if she was doing anybody any harm, but of course, you can’t seem to do anything without offending someone, and the world is getting ridiculous.

And the man comes across as being a bit of an oddball – disturbing behaviour taking a photograph of the woman. Now I’d call that very anti-social behaviour.

It’s a communal garden, which means that everyone can use it unless of course, the tenancy says differently.

So, in essence, a fruitcake makes himself look bad on Reddit because he didn’t like any degree of exposure! And taking photographs of people and posting them on the internet without their consent is never okay.

This seems more like voyeurism if he’s taking clandestine photographs of the woman in her bikini, and his judgemental disposition seems far more offensive.

Unless there’s something in the tenancy that has been set she’s entitled to use the communal garden. As for the bikini, I’m guessing this man doesn’t go to the beach or swimming pool et cetera so that he can avoid such attire.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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