Tobacco Colossus Philip Morris Will Cease Marketing Cigarettes In Britain Within The Next Ten Years

Tobacco giant Philip Morris International will quit selling cigarettes in Britain within the next ten years, its boss has announced.

The move will bring down the curtain on the iconic Marlboro name after more than a century on British shop racks.

Chief executive Jacek Olczak told a newspaper outlet that the plans were part of Philip Morris International’s initiative to phase out traditional cigarette smoking in the United Kingdom.

Those who want to continue smoking will be encouraged to change to modern alternatives such as e-cigarettes or heated tobacco devices, which are deemed less dangerous.

Jacek Olczak said that they want to enable the company to leave smoking behind and that he believed that in the United Kingdom, ten years from now maximum, that smoking could be effectively solved.

Asked if that meant Philip Morris would cease selling traditional cigarettes in the United Kingdom inside that time, he responded that they could.

Jacek Olczak said the Marlboro name will disappear from Britain, and that the first option for customers would be that they quit smoking, but that if they don’t, then the second-best thing would be to shift to the better alternatives.

The Government has set out a plan for Britain to go smoke-free by 2030, which incorporates a strategy to lessen the prevalence of cigarette smoking amongst different age groups.

Now let’s ban alcohol, that will help an abundance of problems.

And if Brits can’t get cigarettes here in the United Kingdom, they will get them on the black market.

Of course, smoking tobacco is a choice, like drinking alcohol, doing drugs, speeding in your vehicle or eating fatty fast food, but of course, your freedom of choice has a direct impact on those around you, so your freedom of choice takes away their freedom of choice, but what next that’s no good for you, caffeine?

And there is an argument to this. The government and people condemn smokers, they’ve tried to stamp out smokers who pay exorbitant amounts of tax on a packet of cigarettes, but they don’t really discourage people who drink alcohol, with the abuse of alcohol up and down the country using up valuable resources, for instance, the police, ambulance crews, how much is that costing the taxpayer? We certainly don’t see people lighting up a cigarette getting into fights and having accidents in their cars.

Sadly, smoking releases serotonin-like chemicals like the bodies reward system, so it becomes an enjoyment. The downside is that it does affect the organs and that’s the true cost of smoking. It’s not an illusion, but a biological consequence of why people find it so difficult to quit.

There’s no guarantee that you’re going to live a long life if you stop smoking. There are many other maladies out that that could kill you off and probably will. I would rather live an enjoyable life, not losing my memory and then being put in a home that stinks like pee and being talked to like a child.

Yes, smoking can be offensive to others that don’t smoke, and of course, the smell, but I would rather hang out with a smoker than a drunk because alcohol causes so much harm.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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