Videos Of People Struggling To Walk After Getting Their COVID Vaccine

Scientists say that a muscle weakening condition reported by some patients after having their COVID vaccination is a neurological disorder and can be managed with treatment.

Several videos showing patients experiencing leg spasms after their jab has garnered millions of views online and it’s feared they’ve been seized up by anti-vaxxers.

The most recent clip, which appeared, revealed Georgia Rose Segal, a 34-year-old from London, almost collapsing on her kitchen floor after her second Pfizer jab.

She explained that she’d been diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), which affects how the brain transmits signals to the body.

According to scientists writing in the medical journal KAMA Neurology Viewpoint, while the symptoms of FND are real, they’re not directly caused by the effect of the vaccine.

They said that FND can be triggered by a variety of physical or emotional events, including head trauma, surgery or a jab.

Rather than being directly caused by these events, FND is usually triggered by the emotional response that accompanies them, including anxiety and stress.

People who’ve suffered trauma at previous periods in their life or who’ve underlying conditions are at an increased risk of developing FND.

Dr David Perez, director of the Functional Neurological Disorders Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), wrote in JAMA that the spread of these videos could fuel vaccine delay by giving an overly simplistic impression of possible links between the vaccine and major neurological manifestations.

He said that instead, these are symptoms of a real, brain-based disorder that sits at the intersection of neurology and psychiatry.

FND isn’t exclusive to COVID vaccination and isn’t a response to an ingredient in the jab.

It’s been reported in response to other jabs, as well as in patients given saline solution.

Until recently FND was called the conversion disorder because doctors thought patients were converting stress into physical symptoms.

Fear and scepticism about the vaccines, as well as the physical side effects of the jab, such as flu-like symptoms and pain at the injection site, may raise the risk of a person developing the malady.

Georgia Segal announced that she’d been discharged from the hospital and shared a photo of her using a Zimmer frame. The original video of her struggling to walk was uploaded onto Instagram account Imjustbait.

There appear to be several coincidences connected between the vaccines and people becoming ill, but it also seems that the Government don’t want these side effects to be reported, but they must get reported. Not as a fear factor, but so that people are informed so that at least when they do get these side effects, they will know what to look for and respond immediately.

Of course, this wasn’t exclusive to the COVID jab, but it seems odd that she was fine until she had it.

COVID can kill, just like jabs can make people sick and kill, so I think it just has to be put into some kind of perspective, and we also have to think about what this jab might do to our bodies, not right now, but perhaps later on, which is a little scary!

The fact is, if it’s triggered by the vaccine then it’s a side effect.

I’m sure the vaccines work a bit, but sadly, some people are getting side effects from this vaccine because our bodies are not all the same.

If you believe you need the vaccine and are comfortable with the likelihood of side effects, then have it. If you’re not, then don’t have it – it’s your decision, but it shouldn’t be forced on you.

The government make out that if you get COVID you will be very ill and could die, and yes, that’s correct for a small percentage, but for most, they need a test to even know they have it.

What we need is some balanced reporting and scientific evidence that’s not been altered by a politician or their stooges because they’re always telling us some porky pie, and it’s manipulation on a grand scale, with some people being too terrified to even leave their homes.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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